7 Cheap & creative remodeling ideas

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    Moving into a new home is very exciting. Not only because moving is such a big life change, but also because there are plenty of opportunities for creating a new and interesting living space. With great movers downtown Toronto recommend you’ll move with ease, but with our tips, you’ll create the perfect home for yourself. We have plenty of creative remodeling ideas for you which you can simply apply to your new place. However, don’t shy away from taking basic ideas, toying with them, and changing them up so they better suit your personal style. There are endless possibilities and you should take advantage of them! Be creative and enjoy yourself. Remodeling should be fun!

    1. Painting your walls is the first thing you should do

    Painting walls is a great way to fresh up the place without breaking a bank. You can get good paint for cheap, as well, which makes repainting walls not only a very creative remodeling idea but also a budget idea. You can choose a more subtle color like a pastel, or go for a bright fun color. Whatever you choose to do your space will feel a lot fresher and livelier! Take moving Toronto as an opportunity to try a color you’ve always liked but never had the guts to try!

    A room with dark blue walls.
    Poppy walls can breathe new life into a lifeless room!

    2. One of many creative remodeling ideas is to change kitchen and bathroom tiles

    Even though retiling your place is a bit more expensive and demanding, it’s still a great way to give your place a new look. You can completely change the look of our kitchen or your bathroom with this one simple remodeling step. However, makes sure to hire professionals to do the job. Dealing with messed-up tiles can be very frustrating.

    3. Refinishing your cabinets is a very fun remodeling idea

    Depending on what you choose, refinishing cabinets can be extremely cheap! That said, just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s going to look cheap. If you’re creative you can make do with very little money. But together with changing the tiles, refinishing cabinets will completely change the way your kitchen and bathroom look. Just make sure that they match nicely if you decide to do so. Mismatching tiles and cabinets isn’t a look. Well yet anyway.

    4. Reupholstering your furniture is a  great way to spice up your place

    If you are about to move with long distance or local movers Toronto prides itself in, your furniture probably won’t need any touch-ups once you’ve moved. However, changing fabrics can be very fun. But, reupholstering all of your furniture can get pretty expensive sadly. However, if you find affordable material or decide to do just a few pieces, it’ll be significantly cheaper. That said, reupholstering should be done towards the end. You can’t really match your furniture to the rest of your home unless you already know what the rest of the home is going to look like. So once you’re done repainting, changing tiles, and similar, think about changing the fabrics of your furniture as well.

    A black couch in a room.
    Reupholstering furniture is one of the top creative remodeling ideas since it’s a small effort that can make a huge change!

    5. Rearranging furniture is the cheapest thing you can do

    One very simple thing you can do to change the look of your place is to rearrange the furniture. This is perhaps the non-tip tip since it’s super simple. But even this small action can change the way your home looks and feels significantly! Don’t be afraid to experiment with something so simple. Just make sure that you’re not ruining your floors and walls while moving the furniture around. Either experiment before remodeling the house or be extremely careful.

    6. Decorate to your heart’s content – The best creative remodeling tip anyone can give you

    This is perhaps one of the most creative yet cheap parts of remodeling. That’s why there are plenty of creative remodeling ideas within this domain. There are virtually endless ways to decorate a new home. It’s also possible to fully decorate a new home on a budget. You’d be surprised how affordable decorations can be. You can invest in:

    • Various scented candles
    • Fun cushions
    • All kind of wall, table, and ground art
    • Picture frames for displaying family photos
    • Vases and flowers
    • All sorts of plants
    • New and interesting, yet cheap furniture pieces
    • Fun lamps, lights, and light strips
    • Colorful and fun kitchenware

    7. Play with the lights to create an atmosphere

    Playing with lights is a great way to change the way your home looks. Lights can be both very cheap and very expensive. However, you definitely don’t need to break the bank to be able to afford great-looking lights. It’s also very likely that you already own at least some lights. Try using them in different ways to what you’ve used them until now. But there are also plenty of options on the market, as well, if you’d like to buy some new ones. You can also try experimenting with colorful lights. These lights can add something special to your place. If you match one colorful light with pops of color through your living room, for example, the results will be mindblowing. So once you’ve made all other changes, try playing around with lights.

    A fashionable woman in a dimly lit room.
    Lighting can change the vibe of a room significantly!

    Listen to creative remodeling ideas, but be creative yourself!

    First of all, always keep in mind that it’s your home and you can do whatever you like. Secondly, there isn’t a thing you can’t change back if you don’t like it. And thirdly, creative remodeling ideas are just that, ideas, which you can build upon yourself. If you hire some of the cheap movers Toronto has to offer, you’ll surely have plenty of money to invest in fun remodeling and experimenting. And even if you’re not moving and just want to make a few changes, let your mind loose. So even though being tame feels safer, going after crazy ideas may pay off in the end. Some of these insane-seeming ideas might turn into magic.


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