Best places in Toronto for nature lovers

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    Toronto is perhaps not the best place to be if you’re a diehard lover of nature. Sure, Canada is teeming with wonderful nature. However, Toronto is not as green as some other parts of Canada are. But sometimes we can’t exactly choose where to move. And other times there are some other benefits we can’t overlook so we have to sacrifice some of our likes. In those cases, a person must adapt and find a way to satisfy cravings for what they’re missing, in this case, nature. If you’ve just moved to Toronto with North York movers and now you’re hoping to find a few places where you’ll be able to enjoy nature, or you’ve lived in Toronto for years but are hoping for some ideas, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll let you know all about the top places in Toronto for nature lovers that you might like.

    Toronto Island Park – The best place for nature lovers in Toronto

    If you like walking in nature, exercising in nature, having picnics in nature, or just enjoying nature, you’ll absolutely LOVE Toronto Island Park. This particular park has a lot to offer to all sorts of people. Anything from secluded benches to ferry rides, this park has it all. In this park, the greenery is simply exquisite. The vibe of the park is very calming yet invigorating. If you visit Toronto Island Park, expect to feel refreshed. So whether you’re planning to take a walk with a friend or sit in peace with your thoughts, Toronto Island Park is the place to be. You can even have a  swim there in the summer! So no wonder this particular park is regarded as one of the absolute best places for nature lovers in Toronto.

    A group of friends having a picnic in Toronto Island Park which is one of the best places in Toronto for nature lovers.
    Toronto Island Park is one of the best places in Toronto for nature lovers that enjoy all sorts of activities!

    But just like a great moving company Toronto residents love, this wonderful park is full of surprises. Exquisite nature is not the only thing this lovely park has to offer! There are also plenty of restaurants and other fun sights and activities you can enjoy. That makes this park perfect for a full-day outdoor trip. Summer is approaching, and if you’ve never been, make sure to take your family out for a fun day of outdoor activities in Toronto Island Park!

    High Park – A green oasis for health and wellness

    High Park is every nature lover’s dream. If you’re very health conscious you’ll absolutely love this park! Not only are there places for fun sporting activities like ice skating and baseball, but there are also hiking trails. This park is the perfect mix of wild and untamed nature you can hike through, and perfectly scaped areas you can have a picnic in. And if you love animals expect to see plenty of graceful white swans all over the place, especially near the water. Plus, prepare to see some of the most mesmerizing and breathtaking flowers in all sorts of unusual colors. This park is also filled with cherry blossom trees which give it an allover pinkish hue in the summer.

    If you’re a person who enjoys spring activities in Toronto now is the time to get out and visit High Park. And even though High Park has something to offer all year round, spring is definitely the time a nature lover should visit it! There’s no better time to enjoy nature than spring. So pick up your running shoes and a picnic basket and get ready for a day of refreshing activities in one of Toronto’s most beautiful parks.

    A couple exercising outside.
    High Park is one of the best places for exercising outside!

    Edwards Gardens – A top place in Toronto for nature lovers who prefer well-kept nature

    Unlike parks mentioned before, Edwards Gardens are, well, gardens. And even though High Park and Toronto Island Park have some aspects of gardens, they are by no means true well-kept gardens. Edwards Gardens, on the other hand, are alike gardens one would see in a historical TV show about kings and queens where they take long walks through rows of beautiful flowers. That being said, if you’re a nature lover whose cup of tea isn’t unruly nature, you’ll absolutely love Edwards Garden.

    Taking a day or evening stroll through this little park will make you feel so refreshed and full of energy. Just admiring wonderful and colorful flowers for a minute or two is enough to make a person feel so much better. And now that the flowers are in bloom, maybe it’s time for you to visit one of the best places for nature lovers Toronto has to offer, which is Edwards Gardens.

    Allan Gardens Conservatory – If you’re in need of a quick shot of everything nature has to offer

    Allan Gardens Conservatory is the only place on our list that’s actually inside. However, don’t be fooled, this place is absolutely teeming with all sorts of plants and even tiny creatures. It may not be a place where you can run or have a picnic. But, it’s definitely a place where you can go to recharge. Just like packers and movers Toronto prides itself in are professionals at what they do, so was this place created by botanists who are experts in their field. That’s why this place, even though artificial, is one of the best spots for nature lovers in Toronto.

    Nature is wonderful by itself, but when helped by people, it can turn into something completely new. And that’s exactly the case with Allan Gardens Conservatory. So if you’re in need of a concentrated dose of nature in your bloodstream, visit Allan Garden Conservatory and you’ll find everything you need there.

    Greenhouse plants near a window.
    Allan Garden Conservatory may be man-made but is just as beautiful as any other park in Toronto!

    There are plenty of places in Toronto for nature lovers

    The places we mention are just some of the places in Toronto for nature lovers. In reality, there are a lot more. If you live in Toronto right now, the best you can do is go out and explore. Internet is a great place to learn about where you can go and what you can do. However, even people on the internet don’t know everything. The perfect place for nature lovers might be just around the corner!


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