Best ways to commute in Toronto

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    After the relocation to this beautiful city, it is time for you to unpack your belongings. And check out your new neighborhood. There are many ways to commute in Toronto, especially after trusted Toronto movers relocated you. That is always a stressful event, so afterwards you will need some time to settle in and start your new adventure. You should check out public transportation to your work and throughout the town. So you can calculate how much time it would take you to get to the desired location. Here are some ways to make your daily commute in Toronto easier.

    Ways to commute in Toronto and to stay productive

    Commuting for work and school can be sometimes tricky since the city’s highway and public transit are coming to a breaking point. You should also know that the average commuting time is around 33 minutes. But consider it as an approximate value since you will need around an hour to your destination when commuting. No matter if you are using your car or public transportation long-distance moving companies Toronto can help you with your relocation. So you can have time to explore the city.

    Girl riding a bicycle.
    One of the ways to commute through the city is biking.

    Here are the common methods you may use to move around Toronto:

    • Presto is one of the best ways to commute in Toronto – Especially if cheap movers relocated your belongings to one of the outside city areas. In case you are commuting out of the city, traveling by Go transit, you should get a Presto card. It can really be a lifesaver. You can grab one at a TTC Pass Vending Machine located at Union or Queen’s Park stations. The issuing fee is 6 dollars and the card comes preloaded with $14.
    • Bike share –  This is an ideal way if you want to avoid traffic and wait for public transportation. And it is also a great exercise for your health. In case moving companies Etobicoke moved your stuff and you don’t have a bike on your own, you can share it. With Bike Share Toronto, you can easily rent a bike and ride it around Toronto.
    • Your car – This is also suitable if you are relocated to the suburbs. But you have to get used to the traffic around working hours, and if your company does not provide you with a parking spot, it can be tricky to find one.

    How to make the most of your commute

    As we mentioned, the average commuting time in Toronto is around half an hour. But it can be easily expanded to an hour. You can do a couple of things that will help the time pass by while commuting in this amazing city. If you are relocating your business, you should look for office moving companies Toronto can offer. They will help you with the complete relocation of your business, so you can prepare for other things.

    Girl listening to music.
    Listen to your favorite music while commuting

    Headphones are a must, especially for longer commutes. You can listen to your favorite music or listen to the radio. You can also bring a book to read while in public transportation or watch your favorite series on a tablet or laptop. Keep yourself occupied, and the time will pass by quickly. And when you are driving, you can listen to an Audiobook. Those are the ways to commute in Toronto after a reliable mover relocates you and you unpack. Everything depends on you. You can choose various options that will help you commute through this great city.


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