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    If you are moving you will need to find the right storage units in Toronto for many reasons. There are numerous storage facilities in Toronto. There is always a demand for storage space since so many people are constantly moving here. At Movers Toronto,  you will find the right storage unit for sure. There are some things you should pay attention to when you are choosing storage for yourself. We will give you some advice on how to choose the best unit for your needs.

    Tricks on how to choose the right storage units in Toronto

    You will easily find great moving services Toronto residents gladly recommend. But the question is how do you choose the right storage unit. First of all, you should decide what kind of storage space you actually need. Never rent a storage unit that is too small or that exactly fits all of your stuff. You might want to save money but it will not pay off in the long run.

    a facility with right storage units in Toronto
    Choose the perfect size of the storage unit

    Don’t hog on space

    If there is no space for you to enter the storage unit because everything is packed full, you made a mistake. There should always be enough space in the storage unit for you to reach the stuff you need to take out. Measure the storage units Toronto offers to be sure the dimensions are enough for your stuff. If you have some delicate and sensitive things you might rent a storage unit with climate control. If you have something valuable rent a unit with a monitoring system and be sure to get insurance. You can buy insurance from the storage facility.

    Do your homework and get all of the info

    Our advice is that you don’t let location define your choices. You should not get stuck on the storage units just because they are very close to your home, or because they are the cheapest. This is not a guarantee of quality service. If you don’t choose the best location you will get a cheaper deal. Be sure to check the reviews and comments on Google or Yelp. If you find a lot of negative comments stay away from that storage facility.

    Mind the working hours

    There is a difference between office hours and gate hours of a storage facility. You will not be able to find anyone or get help outside of office hours. Find the working hours that suit you. If you need to use the storage on the weekends but it closes at 5 pm on those days, it is not too convenient. Pay attention to these details if you want to find a decent storage unit.

    a clock
    Check if the working hours of the right storage units in Toronto suit you

    Visit the storage facility and ask the right questions about the right storage units in Toronto

    When you have chosen a couple of units it is time to visit them and rent the right storage units in Toronto. At this point, it is important to ask the right questions.

    • Make the property manager show you the unit that you will be renting. Or at least, let him show you the one on the same floor. They might show you a clean and perfectly positioned storage unit, but rent you another one. Make sure they show you what you are getting.
    • You should definitely ask about discounts and special offers. There are some specials that storage facilities offer. For example, most of them will offer you the first-month rent for only one dollar. Ask about when they give discounts.
    • Ask about what will happen if you are late with the payment or if you miss it. If you are late with the payment and you are unable to pay the month’s rent the worst can happen. Some storage facilities will put your storage unit on an auction. Ask what their policy is before signing the contract.

    Visit many storage facilities

    So now you know the step-by-step process of renting the perfect storage unit. We would also like to give you important advice. Never rent the first storage unit you see. You should visit many storage facilities before you decide what the best one is. Ask the property manager of every storage facility to give you a copy of the contract. Instead of examining it then and there you should take it home and do it thoroughly. After you have decided what the right storage unit for you is you can either sign a:

    Gather your things before storing them

    When the time comes to fill the storage unit, gather them all in one place. Pack the things in boxes. When it comes to clothes you might want to put them into garbage bags. Well, that is not a good idea because mildew can appear and ruin your clothes. It is better to pack everything into boxes.

    a teddy bear in the box
    Pack your things in boxes before you store them

    Determine how much storage space you need with this trick

    There is a trick that can help you organize the storage unit properly. You can take a tape and mark the size of the storage in lines on the floor. Start by marking the 5×10 space. Also, mark larger spaces like 10×10 and 10×20. Use tapes of different colors to mark different space sizes. Use the tape measure to get the right size and length of the lines. After that start putting your things inside of the lines. Imagine that this is a storage unit you are loading and organize things with that in mind.

    Have in mind that the average ceiling height of a storage unit is 8′. Do not stack your things too high. You will know the right size when all of your things fit inside the space. However, there should be some room left around the edges. If you follow the easy packing guide you should know the size of the right storage units in Toronto for you.


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