Do you need permits for apartment renovation in Canada?

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    There are many things to pay attention to when renovating an apartment. Even though most people tend to think about how to protect their stuff during renovation, there are still some more important questions. One of them reflects the topic of whether you need permits for apartment renovation in Canada. Still, if you need help moving your stuff during renovation, moving companies East York are your best choice. Anyway, stick with us to learn more about this topic.

    Apartment renovation in Canada

    First of all, renovation takes time, money, and good organization. On the bright side, you’ll get to live in your dream apartment once you’re done. Moreover, there are some major topics to go through to get you familiar with the whole renovation process. But, before that, in case you’re about to move to the apartment you plan on renovating, reputable moving companies Toronto can help you get there.

    Glasses on the papers
    Make sure you know all the necessary steps you need to take before you start renovating.

    Here are the main things you should keep in mind when planning a renovation:

    • Getting an amen from your landlord
    • Setting a firm budget
    • Decluttering before starting
    • Renting a storage unit for your belongings
    • Calling experts when dealing with utilities

    Do you need permits for apartment renovation in Canada?

    To answer that question right away – yes, you need permits for apartment renovation in Canada. Still, the procedure is not complicated and you don’t need a permit for every single thing you’re changing in your house. For instance, you don’t need a permit when replacing flooring, cabinets, or fixtures; painting; unclogging; replacing certain switches; and when installing pipes or roofing. Still, there is sometimes a thin line between the situations when you do and don’t need a permit.

    Maybe you’re moving from another place to Canada and you’re not sure how these things work. That’s why long-distance movers Toronto can help you with your things, and we can help you figure out the rest. Anyway, it’s good to know that you need a permit for:

    1. Renovation projects that require removing or constructing a new wall
    2. Moving existing pipelines, electrical, and gas lines in your apartment
    3. Any kind of structural repairs
    4. Creating a new room inside your home

    What to do with your things when renovating an apartment?

    There are many things you can do to keep your things safe when renovating an apartment. Some of them include renting a short-term storage unit for your stuff. You could look up some moving companies near me to find someone who could help you transfer your belongings there. However, there are so many options you could use to temporarily move your things when renovating. Some of these include:

    • Using garage space
    • Storing things in your spare room
    • Renting a portable container
    • Calling friends to give you some other space
    Stamp with pens
    Set a date and get ready to start.

    Ready for life in your new apartment

    Now that you learned what permits for apartment renovation in Canada you need, it’s time to move on to some renovation itself. Hopefully, you already have a design plan. Nevertheless, all the information regarding all kinds of permits can be found easily on the City of Toronto website. Therefore, good luck with your renovation and make sure you make it last.


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