Downsides of friends helping you pack and move from Toronto

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    You go through several stressful situations in a lifetime, and relocation is undoubtedly at the top of the list. Whether you are moving to a new apartment a block away or going cross country, the stress gets you. Every relocation experience takes an emotional toll on the whole family. That is perhaps because it is not a single occurrence but a process that takes much time. Moving preparations almost always start several months before the actual moving day. Such practices include packing as one enormous task to uncheck on your to-do-list. Often, people ask family or friends for help with packing. No doubt it can be a fun experience, but are there some downsides of friends helping you pack? There sure are, as your friends are by no means hired help or trained professionals. They have good intentions, but things can go sideways unexpectedly, even with the best of friends.

    You ask friends to help you pack, and they don’t show up

    Suppose you are moving from Toronto and need your whole apartment put t boxes. Indeed, this situation calls for help. You turn to your friends for help, and they are happy to oblige. Then one of your friends calls to cancel because something at work came up. Your other friend has to go to the doctor. The third one doesn’t show up on time because of traffic.

    friens with cardboard boxes on their heads holding hands
    Having friends for emotional support while packing is sometimes the only help you need

    Suddenly, you are standing in the middle of a whole bunch of empty boxes, and thinking is it too late to call some last minute movers Toronto-based? Well, these are some downsides of friends helping you pack. Your friends have their life situations to deal with. Sometimes, the timing is wrong. That’s why it is best to think in advance and elicit help from professionals, even though it may cost you some extra money. In the end, it will save you some nerves.

    Imagine you ask your friend to help you, and she breaks your favorite vase

    If you are thinking of hiring some of the best moving companies Toronto has to offer, be sure they have insurance. That is extremely important, as things can break during a move. If some of your belongings get damaged, you can use the insurance to cover the loss.

    On the other hand, if some of your friends accidentally break your favorite vase, there is nothing you can do. Asking friends for help in these situations that require extra caution and focus can mean not doing yourself a favor. If stuff gets damaged, you will feel bad, and your friends will feel worse. A broken vase may take a toll on your friendship even though it isn’t worth it. But the stress of relocation is sometimes so overwhelming that the smallest things bother us. So, think twice about the cons of friends helping you pack before you pick up the phone to call.

    Your friends are doing their best, and you are acting bossy

    It is not uncommon to be stressed out when packing. Suddenly, you have to put all your life in cardboard boxes and leave Toronto. The anticipation of the new life is mixing with the sorrow for leaving your old life behind. This whirlwind of emotions can affect your friends as well.

    Imagine you have them over for a fun packing experience, and you start telling everyone what to do. It is logical as it is your things going inside those boxes. But, you telling everyone what to do may not be fun for everyone. Some of your friends may get annoyed or get things the wrong way. That’s one of the downsides of friends helping you pack. So, you should think if you want to risk a friendship over some boxes potentially. In the end, it is perhaps better to call some long distance movers and don’t risk at all.

    people packing boxes are not downsides of friends helping you pack
    The stress of relocation can sometimes affect your friends as well, so choose not to overwhelm them with packing, too

    What other downsides of friends helping you pack can you think of?

    Well, there are a few more situations that can happen. For example, a friend can get an injury while assisting you with your packing. Suppose someone injures their back while heavy lifting a box full of books. Another thing that can happen is someone cutting their hand or finger or stepping over someone’s toes.

    All these situations are widespread in the process of relocation. That is why specialists in the moving business have significant experience and don’t make the same mistakes. It is sometimes best to hire professional help even with packing and unpacking, as these tasks are a huge responsibility and entail much work. Let’s picture you have a large piano, and you need it wrapped and prepared for loading. There is no way your friends could do this job as well as professionals in specialty moving. Why risk it then? Call the professionals and have a coffee with your friends instead.

    two friends having a good time packing for a move
    Make sure you don’t act too bossy around your friends while packing

    Are there some benefits of friends helping you prepare for the move?

    Of course, there are pros to this idea, not just the downsides of friends helping you pack. It can be a fun experience and a great memory. Especially if you are leaving Toronto, having this experience with friends is extremely valuable. Friends will not ask you for money as they help from the heart. So, if you elicit assistance from friends, you will save some of that relocation budget. With the money you save, you can take out everyone for dinner or do something else to show your appreciation. Besides, having an extra pair of hands can save you time as well. If you are a well-organized group, good chances are you will get some work done. You will pack more quickly, have this extra time for other preparations, or spend with friends doing fun stuff. Whatever the case is, be grateful that you have such people around you.


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