Eco-friendly storage tips and guide

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    Eco-friendly storage is a relatively new concept, but storage facilities with this kind of utility modernization are emerging every day. With all the pollution that we as human beings are causing, we leave a big carbon footprint on our planet! That is why movers downtown Toronto are switching more to eco-friendly storage solutions. Our resources are limited, and people finally got aware of that. One of the places where people have found a way to preserve energy and reduce waste is in storage. Besides saving the planet,  green storage units come with a lot of benefits.

    Eco-friendly storage can save you money

    By going eco-friendly you can set an example, so people can follow. It is crucial to take care of the environment. That is the only way our planet will survive! Among other benefits that eco-friendly storage can give, it is also going to save you some cash. As well as the best moving companies Toronto residents recommend. There are many examples of how you can save money on storing and packing materials.

    cardboard box
    Use cardboard boxes instead of plastic.

    Here are several simple ways you can make your current storage unit more eco-friendly

    • Use the boxes that you already have – In case you didn’t throw the boxes after your last relocation, where cheap movers Toronto helped you relocate. This is the right time to make use of them. Also shoe boxes, and those big packages you have maybe left from big appliances. They are great for storing bulky items, which you sure won’t use soon. Your old packing boxes will not just help you go eco-friendly, but they will also save you some money. Since you won’t need to spend money to buy new ones.
    • Cardboard boxes instead of plastic – Cardboard is an environmentally-friendly material, and it is always a better choice than plastic. It is also biodegradable which plastic is not! If you have spare ones in your storage you can give them away. And help the next person who wants to become eco-friendly.
    • Use blankets instead of bubble bags – In order to protect your items, you should choose blankets. They are perfect for wrapping your belongings and keeping them safe.

    Those are just some ideas you can use in order to go eco-friendly and on the other side to save some money. The last-minute movers Toronto has will also save you some money and time. When looking for reliable movers.

    Use energy-efficient light bulbs

    Even if you are just starting with eco-friendly storage you probably heard about this one. Switching from regular light bulbs to LED lighting will be the best, and easiest way to go eco-friendly. And you won’t go broke after replacing your regular bulbs with LED. You can choose them by type, lumen value, and color.

    The type of energy-saving light bulb you use is determined by where and how you use it. For your eco-friendly storage, you will mostly use either LED or B-rated halogen light bulbs. Before LED traditional light bulbs used watts to determine the brightness and power. Nowadays, the light bulb’s lumen output provides an accurate idea of how bright your energy-saving light bulb will be. The color of your bulb is up to your personal preference. For more natural light, consider energy-saving bulbs that are described as soft or warm white. For spotlights, garages, or areas that require more light than usual, use cool or pure white low-energy light bulbs.

    LED bulb
    LED lights are a good way to start your eco-friendly adventure.

    One thing you can consider is when using LED is investing in motion sensors. Since lighting inside a storage unit is usually turned on 24/7. These sensors can register any type of movement. They can automatically turn off the lights once you leave your storage. Local movers Toronto can help you with everything. Which is a great way to save extra money.

    Get a storage unit with good insulation

    If you are looking for a storage unit to rent, you might have to check the insulation, which is important. Especially in winter. You will have to use more electricity in order to keep and maintain the temperature optimal. Because one of the main reasons behind damaged goods in storage units are mold and cold. In order to avoid that, make sure to find a storage unit with good insulation.

    This is also important during summer as well. Since the insulation will prevent the heat from getting inside the unit, it will keep your belongings safe, and your bills lower. And one of the most important aspects of all those things is that your carbon print will be minimal! Many moving companies are also aware of the eco-friendly units. They can also give you advice or point you in the right direction if you seek tips for eco-friendly storage.

    You should try not to use too many appliances in your storage unit. The majority depends on what you are storing in your unit. In case you store items that need to be charged regularly then better don’t rent a storage unit. More items charging equals high electricity bills. Which will automatically empty your pockets. That’s the price not worth paying.

    storage units
    Good insulation is crucial when choosing a storage unit.

    You should empty gasoline as well as oil tanks in case you are storing gardening tools or machines. They can be easily flammable especially during summer. Besides having fumes, which are not good for the environment at all. You should try to avoid storing chemicals that can be hazardous. You should dispose of them with help from experts.

    Eco-friendly storage tips are not hard to implement

    As shown above, eco-friendly storage tips are really not that hard to implement. You should turn your regular storage slowly at your own pace. You do not need to do it all at once. Getting green can give you a lot! Especially to the world, since the resources are limited, and we need to preserve and save our planet!


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