Going green in your storage unit: tips and tricks

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    No doubt using storage benefits you. The question is how to maintain your unit. Moreover, many people tend to just leave their belongings in storage without any regard for them. That is not the proper way to store your items. When storing things, people need to bear in mind that storages also need maintenance. Therefore, if you’re here to learn if going green in your storage unit will benefit you, the answer is – yes. You just need to see how much. Additionally, if you need help transferring your items to a storage unit, our moving company will be glad to help you out.

    Using storage units

    To begin with, storage units are the best solutions if you have a mountain of things. Moreover, it is a great way to keep up with what you own and what you’ll need some time soon. However, not everyone takes care of their storage properly. That’s why you should learn how to properly store your belongings before you decide to alter a storage unit.

    Eco-friendly note
    Do your best to be more eco-friendly in your storage unit. It will benefit both you and your belongings.

    So, before you pick a storage unit in which you’ll put your things, look for someone reliable to help you transfer those items there. Moving services Toronto deal with all kinds of work, including storage. Hence, don’t hesitate to contact them in case you need anything.

    Furthermore, before you use your storage space, make sure you clean it thoroughly. Even though storage owners are obligated to keep units clean, it’s still better to do one final sweep before storing your belongings.

    How to keep your storage unit clean?

    There is no wisdom in keeping your storage unit clean. However, you should do the occasional thorough wiping now and then. For instance, you could set aside one day in a month to do an out-and-out clean of your storage. Pick a day that suits you the most, such as one day over the weekend. In case you decide to transfer more things to your storage unit, movers North York might help you with that.

    Anyway, here’s how you can keep things clean before going green in your storage unit:

    1. Cover large items – If you’re storing any bulky items such as furniture, cover them with linens. It will protect them from dust and other potential damage.
    2. Don’t store any perishable items – For example, this refers to canned food and plants. Canned food belongs in the pantry and it’s a bit inhumane to store any kinds of plants in storage units. Also, it will attract pests and other unwelcomed guests.
    3. Use of large eco-friendly containers is recommended – Using containers instead of boxes is a better idea since boxes could tear up or get damaged in any other way.
    4. Clean your belongings occasionally – Wipe the dust off your things including those that are covered in linens.

    Going green in your storage unit

    First of all, there are many benefits of going green in your storage unit. Due to the negative effects of global warming, many people tend to forget that each one contributes to it in some way. To prevent that, people need to start from themselves. There are many ways to help the planet, as much as it’s helping us. In the end, it’s just a small contribution compared to what we get in return.

    Eco-friendly bag and a phone
    By going green, you will have less trash and cleaner environment.

    So, when it comes to being responsible and eco-friendly in your storage unit, there are many solutions to the problem. Here are just some of the upsides of going green:

    • Less trash
    • More money saved
    • Using the same materials for more things
    • More space

    Further, it’s much easier to go green in your storage if you’re about to move your things in it for the first time. Then, you could do everything easier. Therefore, if you’re still in the process of planning, long-distance moving companies can help you speed up the process.

    Can going green in your storage unit benefit your things?

    In fact, going green in your storage unit can benefit your things a lot. If you decide to follow some of the tips we’re about to discover, your things will be in a better condition than when they were brought there. So, here’s what you can do with your storage to make it more eco-friendly:

    • First of all, look for climate-controlled storage units. These are better than storing your belongings in attics or basements. Those are the places your items could get damaged due to extremely low or hot temperatures. Consequently, your goods will be damaged and these goods will end up in landfills.
    • Always recycle your packing materials after using them. If not directly, make sure you give it to those who need packing materials at that moment. That’s a real win-win situation.
    • Use green lighting in your storage unit. You could buy some eco-friendly light bulbs or install photocells. They could absorb very nice natural lighting.
    • Try using solar energy if possible. For instance, install solar panels on the roof of your storage units. Since the roofs are flat, the panels will lay down just fine.

    What items you cannot store?

    Finally, after learning how to be more eco-friendly, you should know some additional things about storage. For instance, you should know something about items that require climate-controlled storage units. On the other hand, you also need to be aware of the items you can’t store in those units:

    • Guns and ammunition
    • Flammable materials
    • Explosives
    • Plants
    • Scented things
    Paper bag
    Don’t forget to clean your storage unit from time to time.

    Eventually, you learned all you needed to know about going green in your storage unit. Now it’s time to decide how you’re going to do it. There are definitely many ways to be more eco-friendly. Of course, we just named a few obvious examples that could develop into some additional ideas. However, bear in mind that your items need occasional cleaning from time to time. Nevertheless, if you have a plan, go for it.


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