Handling robust furniture when moving out of North York

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    People often assume that moving is a simple, straight-forward process. However, it is only when they start doing it that they realize there’s more to it than meets the eye. Hiring one of Toronto moving companies will surely be a great help if you don’t have much experience in moving. Moreover, we are here to answer any of the questions you might have. Specifically, in this article we will tackle the topic of handling robust furniture when moving out. So keep on reading to get all the information you need to make this a manageable task that can be completed with ease.

    Handling bulky furniture takes a bit of planning

    First of all, sitting down and making a plan is the key to any process. This is why we suggest you examine all of the furniture in your home. Use common sense to decide whether a certain piece of furniture needs special attention. Afterwards, make a list naming all of the problematic furniture. This way, you can immediately see how much time you will need to handle the furniture. This will help you to organize during the packing process. Another tip is to measure your doorways and see what can fit through them and what can’t.

    man writing a list
    Make a plan for handling robust furniture when packing

    You might be wondering ’Which movers near me are offering packing services as well?’.  Hiring packing professionals is a completely viable option to choose. If you simply do not have the time or will to think about all the intricacies of packing, you can always hire professionals in North York to do it for you. They are trained and have heaps of experience in this, so you need not worry about your furniture.

    If you choose to go for a moving company, our advice is to let one company handle both the packing and the actual moving. This will simply make it easier for everyone involved as there would be no scheduling issues. The next on you agenda is finding the right company. Gather information on moving companies North York has to offer and go from there. You can do this by asking around or reading up what people say online. A company with positive reviews is going to be reliable and up to the task.

    How to handle robust furniture when moving

    One of the ways you can tackle robust furniture is by dismantling it. This isn’t always an option, but when it is, take advantage of it. Anything is easier to carry when split into smaller pieces. Sometimes, taking out the drawers out of your cupboard is going to be enough. Other times, digging up a screwdriver and getting down to business is going to be inevitable. Disassembling your bed frame might take some time, but it will be well worth it.

    Taking care of all of the pieces

    When you have successfully dismantled the furniture, be mindful of all the remaining pieces. You want to pack each piece individually, so they don’t suffer damage during transport. So, stack up on moving supplies, such as boxes, wrappers and plastic peanuts. Another crucial thing is to label all of the pieces, as not to get confused when trying to assemble the furniture. This goes especially for the screws and other parts that can be mixed up. It won’t only be unsuccessful, but you could also damage your furniture using the wrong screws.

    people carrying boxes
    Make sure to pack every piece of furniture accordingly

    Use the right technique when lifting robust furniture

    Firstly, carrying heavy furniture is a job for two people, at least. Don’t attempt to move it on your own, as it is more often than not an impossible job for one person. The risk you take when doing this is injuring yourself and damaging the piece you are carrying, as well as the floor. Call your friends who don’t skip gym and then get down to heavy-lifting.

    Secondly, what you should also worry about is how you lift the furniture. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when doing this.

    • Make sure that your palms aren’t sweaty and that you can get a good grip on the item.
    • Keep your feet wide apart and bend you knees to initiate.
    • It is of utmost importance to keep your back straight at all times, this way you will avoid back injury.
    • Coordinate with your partner and listen to each other.
    • Take breaks whenever either person deems necessary.
    • No need to rush this process as it is a recipe for catastrophe if you try to run while carrying heavy objects.

      people lifting a sofa
      Carrying robust furniture is a job for two

    Using the right equipment to handle robust furniture when moving

    Nowadays, there are a couple innovative ways to handle heavy furniture that long distance movers know about as well. You can try acquiring furniture sliders. These are specially made and very easy to use. Simply attach them to the legs of the furniture item and you will be able to slide your furniture on the floor with ease. This way, you can avoid lifting altogether. Just don’t attempt to slide your furniture around without them, as you will damage the floors.

    Securing a clear path

    It starts with moving things out of the way at your home. You don’t want to stop mid-way and have to move a box that is blocking the passage through the doorway. Securing the elevator in your apartment building would be of great help as well. Handling robust furniture on the stairs is no walk in the park. And finally, be sure that the moving truck can be parked as close to the building as possible to minimize the carrying time. You can do this by researching the parking rules that apply to your neighborhood. Be sure to research North York specifically, as different rules might apply in different neighborhoods.


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