Hidden costs of moving and ways to avoid them

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    Moving house is a major project. It’s an exciting event, but at the same time, it’s a stressful and expensive endeavor. Although you may have budgeted thoughtfully for a while, moving expenses can top up one by one, and make a hole in your wallet. However, this doesn’t have to happen to you. If you’re aware of some of the looming hidden costs of moving, it’ll be easier to find a way around them. Your experienced North York movers have a few great tips, to help you with that. Let’s see what’s good to know before the move.

    What are the most common hidden costs of moving?

    Regardless of the distance of your move, you should expect the unexpected, and be prepared to run into some less obvious moving expenses. This is applicable even when you hire small movers Toronto for your small-scale relocation. If you know what can potentially come up on your way, it’ll be easier to avoid it. To save you from stress and surprises during your move, keep the following in mind:

    • Hire good movers
    • Save on packing
    • Get insurance for your valuables
    • Mind the utility fees, subscriptions, and deposits
    • Costs for replacing items
    • Other hidden costs you should be aware of
    Mover with boxes at the back of a van
    A professional mover will handle your belongings safely, provide you with insurance and prevent you from running into many unpredicted moving costs

    Hire good movers to avoid DIY disasters or scammers

    When you move, always hire reliable, professional movers, for many good reasons. It may sound like a cliche, but many people make the mistake of trying to save money on account of their items’ safety. DIY moves often result in disasters and cost you more in replacing or repairing items, than if you’d taken a full moving service. And not to mention the stress levels and hassle you’ll go through.

    Also, choosing a mover based on low rates only is risky. Do good research on the company you plan to hire because you might be giving business to scammers. If there was a single best way to avoid the hidden costs of moving, it would be to keep yourself on the safe side from the get-go. So, invest in a good mover and quality of services, to save you a lot.

    Packing and the hidden costs of moving

    Another mistake that can expose you to additional moving charges is how you decide to go with the packing. You may think that the DIY way is more economical, however, think again. Buying bubble wrap, tape, and other packing supplies will quickly add up, and break the bank. And if you gather boxes and other stuff for packing, you’ll have to ensure they provide proper protection to your items. It’s a time-consuming operation, besides pricey.

    Canadian dollars
    Hiring professional packing services for your move is cheaper than stocking up on supplies and risking damages resulting from poor packing

    These are less obvious costs of moving, but luckily there’s an easy way around them. Professional moving services Toronto will most definitely be available to take the load off your shoulders. So, you can relax, and ensure the safety of your items, for a fraction of the price if you do it yourself.

    Insurance options for your valuables

    A reputable mover will offer you options on insurance. You can choose what suits you best, depending on the size of your household, as well as the value of your possessions. However, if you move expensive items or anything with high personal value, it’s a good practice to look into moving insurance additionally.

    Although a good mover will handle your possessions with specialized care and attention to detail, none of us can predict an accident. Think of your piano or pull table, for example. These cumbersome pieces will be safe in the hands of professionals. But you’ll need to ensure you’re doing your part as well, to protect yourself against any covert costs of moving.

    An umbrella with insurance inscription
    Although pros will handle your items with a high degree of safety, moving insurance for your valuables is a good idea

    Utility fees, subscriptions, and deposits

    As moving tends to get hectic, it’s easy to get distracted and forget things. In order to avoid any hidden costs of moving, take note of the following. Most utility companies require you to put down a deposit when you move to your new house. It’s good to consider this, and incorporate it into your moving budget plan.

    Also, don’t forget to cancel your services before you actually move out from your current place. This is to avoid surprises and budget-related stress. If you’re subscribed to any additional services, like a gym, or a newspaper, remember to cancel these as well. Unless you do, many of these will charge your credit card automatically. And last but not least, if you’re renting, don’t forget to notify your landlord about the move, so you get your security deposit back.

    Flat TV screen with menu
    Cancel your subscriptions with cable or internet companies before you move, to avoid paying for services you no longer use

    Purchasing items for your new place

    Everything you toss, donate or sell at your current home, will need to be replaced at your new one. Hands down, you wouldn’t like to move your old dirty broom or plunger, but you shouldn’t get rid of everything either.

    Also, be aware that you need to restock your new pantry, as the movers won’t transport perishables. So, make an inventory list, and organize your belongings thoughtfully and timely. This can help you avoid some of the less obvious moving expenses.

    A woman shopping - Hidden costs of moving
    Consider you’ll have to re-purchase some items and restock your pantry when you move to your new home

    Other hidden costs of moving you should be aware of

    In addition to what we’ve mentioned already, there are a few other hidden pitfalls to consider. If you’re aware of these before you go about with your move, at least you won’t get caught by surprise. So, let’s see what are they, and possible ways to avoid them:

    • Elevator and Stair Fees – if you live in a high rise, or your move requires the use of an elevator, some companies may charge you an extra fee. To avoid this, ensure you tell your inform your mover about this, so you’ll get a more accurate estimate. Also, on-site estimates are the safest way to avoid this kind of hidden surcharges.
    • Travel or Fuel Fees – these are exactly what they sound like. They cover the costs of traveling from the mover’s base to your home, and back. Some movers don’t include these in the estimate, as the fuel prices vary. It’s good to know that some companies will charge you more if you move on a weekend. So, make sure you ask questions and read the fine print when you get your estimate.
    • Overnight boarding or onsite care – this is if you have pets or children. You’ll need to ensure they are taken care of, and stay out of the way when your movers arrive. It will cost you some amount, and it’s good to consider this ahead, and include it in your budget.

    Now you can come up with a strategy to avoid hidden costs of moving

    As you may see, there are many unpredictable and hidden costs of moving. Now that you know about most of them, it’ll be easier to come up with a strategy to avoid them. In summary, hire a reliable mover, ask questions and prioritize safety. This is the best way to cut moving costs, in the long run.


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