How to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

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    Unless you have extremely deep pockets, the cost of your move is a thing of interest to you. Naturally, people want to spend as little as possible, but still get a satisfactory service. As with conducting any kind of business, hiring a moving company can land you some unexpected fees. Even though there are many reliable moving companies East York can offer, some might be out to get you. We are here to warn you about these kinds of companies and fees. So keep on reading if you want to find out more about how to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees.

    Good communication is key when you want to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

    Firstly, the best way to go around doing anything is to communicate what you want. Most mishaps and accidents happen when there is miscommunication or an absence of communication. A moving company can’t charge you for something unexpectedly if you have discussed everything in detail. So, make a list of all the things you are interested in before you try to hire a moving company. Any one of the reputable moving companies Toronto will gladly answer all your questions. Try to be as specific as you can though, that way there will be no space for withholding information.

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    Good communication is the basis to avoiding commonly hidden moving company fees

    Extra charges for gas

    One of the first things you should be asking is if the gas is covered when they tell you an estimated moving cost. Some companies will only cover for a fixed mileage and deliver the bill to you for the rest. Others do not include the price of the gas in the initial estimate. This is especially important to ask long distance movers Toronto. Interstate moves can amount to hundreds of miles. For this reason, you want to know how this particular aspect gets handled. That way you will be able to make the best decision that sticks to your budget.

    Avoid inaccessibility – a commonly hidden moving company fee

    In case one of your homes is only reachable by rural roads and a standard large moving truck can’t easily access the area, there might be some fees surrounding this. The moving company might have to make a change in the logistics. If a standard truck can’t reach its destination, two or three smaller vans could be enlisted for the job. This might cause a rise in costs, so you better be ready on time.


    Another reason for inaccessibility can be a broken elevator. Say your flat is on the twentieth floor and the elevator is out of order. The moving company workers would have to take a large number of stairs every time they want to move a box in or out of the apartment. This would not only take up valuable time, but also the energy of the workers. Accordingly, the moving company would charge for this. However, the solution to this is simple, just make sure that the elevator is up and running on the day of the move. It costs less to pay for a repairman than for overtime hours. On the off chance that your building simply doesn’t have an elevator, prepare yourself in advance for a fee of this sort.

    Parking the truck

    Yet another thing to look out for is how close to your doorway can the moving company park their truck. If it’s a narrow driveway that can not be accessed or perhaps there is no parking space available nearby, that can only mean one thing. A longer trip to the truck equates to more time and subsequently, you paying more money. Our sound advice is to reserve a parking spot as close to your building/house as possible for the moving day. Moreover, you could get a parking permit for the truck if parking spaces aren’t available.

    Now you might be thinking that the only important aspect to factor in is moving companies near me. However, while proximity is a desirable quality, the most important thing is that it is an experienced and a company with fair prices.

    a parking lot
    Enable parking for easy access

    Avoid parking tickets as a commonly hidden moving company fee

    While still on the topic of parking, obtaining a parking permit would be useful in avoiding getting an unnecessary parking ticket. Taking care of the parking arrangements is crucial and you don’t want to leave anything to chance. This is especially important for crowded city areas where traffic and parking are often problematic.

    Unexpected storage

    An important detail to sort out before you begin the moving process is that your new apartment is ready to take in your belongings. If, for whatever reason, the movers can’t deliver your stuff to the new address, your belongings will most likely be stored away. Moving companies are usually fully booked, so the chances are that shortly after your appointment another one is coming up. For that reason, your belongings can’t stay in the truck for too long. If movers fail to deliver your things, they won’t have a choice but to use temporary storage. And, depending on how long your things stay in storage, it can amount to a considerable fee. Be vary of this.

    Other unexpected situations that may lead to sudden charges

    When you are looking for office movers Toronto, be cautious when it comes to what they charge you for. Some companies will charge you more only based on the fact that it’s not your standard home relocation, but a special type of relocation, like an office one. Naturally, an office relocation requires different packing supplies but don’t just pay up without looking into it first. Find out towards what your money is going and why it costs that amount.

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    Know why your office relocation is costing as much as it is

    Try your best to avoid commonly hidden moving company fees

    If you follow our advice above, you should be able to avoid most traps and commonly hidden moving company fees. However, if something slips through your fingers, don’t beat yourself up about it. We can’t predict everything and sometimes maintaining your cool is more important than trying to estimate the moving cost. 


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