How to compare commercial moving companies in Toronto

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    Many moving companies in Toronto have commercial services. Commercial moving is an exceptional service. Hence it needs a mover who is a professional in this field. Maybe you are planning a corporate relocation. So you should prepare and ask certain important questions. This is the reason why companies like Movers Toronto have a separate division. That is dedicated to commercial relocation. We all know that commercial moving is more demanding than residential relocation. It is more than just boxes, trucks, and a moving crew. Also, a commercial move can sometimes be poorly performed. So it causes a negative effect on a client’s business. And it can be bad in many ways. If you have decided on commercial relocation, then check our blog. It is always a good idea to search for different moving companies. Hence, we will help and prepare you on how to compare commercial moving companies in Toronto.

    Compare commercial moving companies in Toronto

    In order to get a better price, and relocate your office safely, you should always check for different moving companies. So it is good to know how to compare commercial moving companies in Toronto. Here is a list of facts that you need to consider when you are comparing moving companies:

    • The price of a commercial move
    • Managing the relocation itself
    • Installers
    • Storage facilities
    • References

     With commercial movers Toronto you will know what questions to ask in order to compare different moving companies.

    Desks and chairs in the office
    Make sure to find the right moving company for your business

    What is the price of a commercial move?

    Firstly, the moving company should send one of their commercial moving consultants in order to meet with your company. And to do a complete assessment of everything that will be involved in your relocation. This individual should do a tour of your entire office. So that he(or she) can determine many things. Such as how many desks, bookcases, file cabinets, and other goods you want to relocate.

    The consultant should also check for how many computers, copy machines and other equipment that you are planning to move there are. And also look at packing files, documents, and special equipment. You should always emphasize if there are any valuable items that you need to relocate. Ask for consultants of different moving companies to come and assess. That way, you will know what price they are offering. Or specify if you need additional services. For instance, you may need long-distance movers for your office relocation.

    Coins and calculator
    Price is important when you are comparing commercial moving companies in Toronto

    How will the company manage your relocation?

    A professional commercial moving company will explain you in detail. Most likely, they will assign an experienced office specialist in order to be your project manager. This person will coordinate all the services. So he/she will complete your commercial move on schedule. And on a budget too. Your project manager will work with you. You will discuss moving options, scheduling, and other requirements. Also, you will review the floor plans and truck access for the new location. You will get a moving checklist. The movers in downtown Toronto can help you with this step.

    Check if the company has its own installers

    Usually, commercial relocation requires the dismantling and reassembly of the goods. So it is important that the company has the ability to do this task. This is a great way to compare different moving companies. Since you may need these services for your commercial move.

    Possession of storage facilities is another good way  to compare commercial moving companies in Toronto

    In some cases, you may need to use the storage facilities. For instance, you have purchased new furniture. Or you bought equipment. So you will need a moving company that can accept delivery from the manufacturer. And store it afterward until it is time to deliver it to the new location. Or you simply want to store excess furniture whether on a short or long-term basis. It is also good that commercial movers can help you with the disposal of your excess furniture. And equipment too. That is a great benefit.


    It is always important to look for references. Make sure that the commercial moving company has done moves similar to your own. In terms of size and complexity. For instance, if you have a multi-floor relocation but the mover has only done small moves they may not be capable of handling your relocation. Also,  you should get a contact name of the reference. Or a written testimonial that is signed by someone at that company.

    Person styding a market on a phone
    Look for references in order to compare commercial companies

    Run a background check on your moving company

    There are many great movers across the country. Many of them specialize in or are able to conduct successful commercial relocation. So, it is important that you find a reputable mover. You should find a mover on which you can count. Give yourself some time to check out the reputation of the moving company. Do it before hiring the commercial movers. Always check if the company is licensed by the state (if you are moving within a state). Or if the relocation company has a unique U.S. DOT number. That is if you are moving across states. Make sure that you are dealing with a fully licensed company in order to avoid scams. See if the company is fully insured. And check that their insurance will fully cover you. That is if any damage happens.

    Always check several commercial moving companies and request estimates

    There are many excellent commercial movers today. And they are offering excellent service. You can get an expert in packing and moving. A good commercial relocation experience is something important. That can make a huge difference in maintaining the productivity of your company during the move. Find the right mover who will be there to support you. Especially during this vital time for your company. It can be easily accomplished with some planning and effort. So, make sure to compare commercial moving companies in Toronto and relocate your business easily.


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