How to find car shipping companies in Toronto?

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    If you are moving to Toronto you are probably planning every step of the move carefully. Even if you have a last minute move to Toronto, that is no problem, because you can hire your reliable movers to help you. Your movers will do the packing, loading, and transportation of your belongings to your new home. So, you will have that covered. However, what if you are moving a long distance and you want to move your vehicle. You could do it yourself, or have a friend drive it for you. However, if you really want to be stress-free and not worry about anything, you should leave this to the professionals. You can hire one of the car shipping companies in Toronto. We are going to give you some advice on how to choose the right one among many car shipping companies in Toronto.

    car shipping companies in Toronto
    There are many car shipping companies in Toronto to choose from

    How to choose the best one among car shipping companies in Toronto

    You are probably wondering how to choose the best one among the many car shipping companies in Toronto. Well, with our advice you will do it quickly and efficiently. You can have a stress-free move of your car. What you are going to need is a

    • pen and paper
    • computer
    • cell phone

    Your first step is conducting a research. A good and thorough research is what your success depends of. When you find companies of interest online be sure to check their reviews. Check the customer’s comments. In addition, don’t forget to ask all of the important questions when you contact them.

    checking online reviews - car shipping companies in Toronto
    Check online reviews of the car shipping companies in Toronto

    Go to the website for a quote

    When you find one of the shipping companies in Toronto you are interested in, go directly to their website. That should be your first step. You will probably be able to do the quote online. They will ask you to enter some information about the car you want to ship. You should know that there are certain factors that are going to influence the shipping price

    • The size of the vehicle – Cars that are big take up more space. Moreover, cars that are heavier will add weight to the carrier. Shipping these cars is more expensive. It’s like when moving companies in North York wight charge you extra for moving extra bulky and heavy items.
    • Location is an important factor – If there are many carriers traveling between two places, the price will be cheaper. That is why it is cheaper to ship between two big cities.
    • Season – You will get lower prices if you choose winter rather than summer because fewer people transport their cars then.

    Do not go for the lowest price right away

    Some companies might offer a very low price for the shipping. They might just be low-balling you into using their company. What they do is find a carrier and offer this low price. The carrier will probably say no to such a low price. As a result, your car will not get moved.

    Research the companies in detail

    Use the Internet and check for the comments about the company. You can type the name of the shipping companies in Toronto in your favorite search engine. Just to make sure you get the right info you can type ‘complaint’ next to the companies name. You are fishing for anything suspicious, aren’t you? Check all of the reviews.

    • Check for how long the company has been in the business. Choose the ones that have years of experience.
    • Be sure to check if the company is bonded and licensed. In addition, make sure that the carriers they recommend have a license and insurance. Make sure they are professionals in moving business.
    • Get information about their dispute resolution procedures, including damage and delays.
    car shipping companies in Toronto
    Check if the car shipping companies in Toronto are insured and licensed

    Choose the company and book your transport

    When you take into consideration all of the factors important to you, it is time to choose your company. You should contact them and book the shipping. Don’t forget to ask them to send you a confirmation. They can send it via email or fax. Before you sign the contract be sure to read everything carefully. You could also book your place on the carrier online. In that case, you will have to leave your e-signature. You should know that it is also binding as soon as you click submit.

    Prepare your car for transportation

    You should prep your car for shipping and transportation. Here are the basic things you should do. All of these are very important things to do.

    • Do not fill up your tank. That adds weight to the car. The price is higher if your car is heavier.
    • Wash your car. That is a polite thing to do. Moreover, it is important because of the inspection report at the pick-up point. There is a practical reason for this. Any damage will be more easily identified if your car is clean.
    • Turn off the alarm system before the transport
    washed car
    Wash your car before transportation

    The carrier should inspect your vehicle

    At the pick-up point, the carrier driver should inspect your car. He should have a form that is called ‘The Bill of Lading‘. He should note any existing damage and make a report about the condition of the car. They are going to ask you to sign the report after the inspection. You should ask for a copy of the report. Keep it until the car is delivered because that will be your proof if some damage occurs.

    Inspect the car yourself

    The driver is going to inspect your car. However, you should do it again right after delivery. Take your copy of The Bill of Lading and compare everything. If you notice any damage you should complain right away. Moreover, ask for the copy of the new report again. So here is how to choose among the shipping companies in Toronto. You also know how the shipping procedure works. Follow our step-by-step instructions and good luck to you.


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