How to help elderly people move to Downtown Toronto

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    Moving is quite stressful, and you need a lot of energy and stamina to do everything in a timely manner. Unfortunately, our elderly loved ones do not have the strength for such a hard job. So when the time comes for them to relocate, they will need help. There are many reasons why that might happen. They might need to downsize, or they want to live closer to their loved ones. Whatever the reason, even with the assistance of the best moving companies Toronto, this will be a hard thing to do. Because it can end up being a very emotional task for everyone involved. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be patient and there for them. To help you, here are a few tips on how best to help elderly people move to Downtown Toronto.

    To properly help elderly people move to Downtown Toronto give them enough time

    Once they start going through all the things they own, there are bound to be a lot of emotions. They will most likely start remembering a lot of people and events from the past. Especially once you start going through old photos. So make sure to give them enough time. Do not rush with hiring movers downtown Toronto. Instead, be patient and spend some time with them. It is a time when they should not be alone. But have the necessary support of their loved ones. Ask them questions about items that you see have the biggest impact on them. This process will help them get over some past events and even get rid of some of the stuff. Which they will have to do if they need to downsize.

    a box full of old photographs
    Sorting through all the belongings is going to be very emotional so make sure you are there to support them

    Elders will have an easier time planning a move to Downtown Toronto with a floor plan

    One of the things that are a must when helping elderly people move to Downtown Toronto is deciding what to keep and what to throw away. This is especially important to do if your loved ones are moving to a smaller home. One way to make the process easier is to acquire the floor plan of the new place. But do not wait too long to get them because it will take time to sort through everything. However, if it takes too long, do not worry, because you can always get in touch with last minute movers Toronto for help with the relocation. Start by measuring all the furniture, and check if they can fit into the new home. Make sure you do not overstuff the space, as they will need to be able to move freely.

    Help your elders stay in touch after the move

    Moving away from everything they know is going to be very hard for the elders. They are leaving behind all their friends, family, and acquaintances. To help them have an easier time relocating to a new place, help them stay in touch. Send cards with the new address and contact number to all their friends. Make sure your senior friend also has all the important information from all the close people. Because cheap movers Toronto can help them move quickly and efficiently, but once they do, they mustn’t be left completely alone. It is a new place, and they do not know anybody. Frequent phone calls with loved ones will help them acclimate quickly.

    Woman sitting outside talking on a phone
    Help elderly people move to Downtown Toronto by making sure they can stay in touch with friends

    For seniors to relocate to Downtown Toronto they will need all the paperwork

    One thing a lot of people forget about is all the documents they will need once they relocate. Because once you start living in a new city, you need to set up a new doctor, a school for children and numerous other things. And all of them need proper documents. The same goes when helping seniors move. It is something local movers Toronto always advise their customers to do. Because even if you are moving locally to a new neighborhood, at least you need to change the address on all the documents. Also if they can keep their old doctor, it will benefit them a lot. Especially if they had them for a long time. There is trust and a bond that will take years to establish with the new doctor.

    Assist elderly people to settle in once they move to Downtown Toronto

    Plan and reserve some time to stay with your elderly loved one. They will need assistance to settle into their new home. Because moving everything around is not something they can do alone. So follow closely their instructions. Offer suggestions, but remember they are the ones that will be living here. So ultimately, it is their say what goes where. Help them unpack everything and move the furniture. Arrange somebody to come and connect the TV and phone. Once everything is done, make sure that the home is not left dirty. It will benefit them a lot if you can assist them with cleaning.

    two women unpacking boxes in a home
    Once seniors relocate to Downtown Toronto, they will need assistance to unpack everything

    It is better to help elderly people move because they will not feel alone

    Relocation is a big change that is not easy to do. So to help elderly people move to Downtown Toronto make sure you are there for them. They will need your support from the beginning, even if they are moving locally in the City of Toronto. So start by assisting them in deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. If you have the floor plan of the new place, it will greatly help. Also, make sure they have all the necessary documents and paperwork. Likewise, share their new address with all their friends and acquaintances. It will benefit them to stay in touch and not feel alone. Additionally, once they settle into their new home, you can organize a housewarming party.


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