How to help kids adapt after moving to North York, CA?

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    Relocating to another place, even such a lovely one as North York, can be difficult for families with children. It is a big change in their lives (and yours) and they might need a way to cope and adapt to their new surrounding. A smooth relocation process will help greatly in this regard so you might want to consider hiring one of the top moving companies North York has to offer for your relocation. Other than that, you may want to follow a few guidelines in order to make the transition easier for your kids. This article aims to provide you with the knowledge necessary to help kids adapt after moving to North York.

    Help your kids adapt after moving to North York – Top 7 tips

    Here are the things that you will want to do, to make things easier for your children:

    • Announcing the move properly
    • Make the relocation more fun with a moving book
    • Helping kids adapt after moving to North York – Help them “grieve”
    • Allow your kids a degree of control
    • Keep the same schedule, if you can
    • An easy way to help kids adapt after moving to North York – Fun!
    • Keep your kids in touch with their friends
    three kids together
    Have your kids make some new friends as soon as possible.

    Of course, as every kid is different so must your approach be. But you can take much from these guidelines and adapt them to suit your particular kids’ tempers. These are general pieces of advice that are applicable in almost every situation. Feel free to shower your kids with even more attention as well. In most cases, it will benefit them and help them adapt faster. But let’s see how to start the whole process.

    Announcing the move properly

    The most important bit is how you announce the move to your kids. They will pick up “cues” from you, from your body language, your demeanor, etc. If you are fully confident that the move is the best thing that needs to happen, you will have no trouble projecting that. However, the reality is that sometimes you might be moving out of necessity. In those times, it is important to act in front of your kids when announcing the move. You will want to sound positive and confident and to present the relocation in the best possible light.

    Make the relocation more fun with a moving book

    Once your kids are introduced to the idea of relocation, it is always good to make the whole process more fun. A great way to do this is to create a “moving book” of sorts. You can put anything that is fun and concerns your move inside. Think old newspaper articles, pictures, images from your old home, etc. Basically, it is a way to both preserve what you had in your old home but at the same time to celebrate the new. Fill the book with memorabilia such as your first correspondence with your long distance movers, for example. Well, perhaps not that, but anything you find interesting and fun can go into the book.

    Helping kids adapt after moving to North York – Help them “grieve”

    Moving to another place comes with a feeling of loss. You are, in fact, losing much when relocating to another place. But on the bright side, you stand to gain at least as much during the following period. Your kids may be overwhelmed by the former feeling, in which case it is your job to help them with it. Take them to see some of their friends, say goodbyes properly, that sort of thing. If they are fond of particular places, take them there as well. The important thing is that they get to say “bye” to everything they liked. That way, it will be easier for them to accept new friends and places.

    "goodbye" on a blackboard
    Saying “goodbye” might be the most important thing.

    Allow your kids a degree of control

    For a child, relocation can feel a lot like being dragged on a leash. They lose all sense of control and might feel like they are being dragged against their own will. While the relocation itself should never be put into question, allow your kids some semblance of control over their own lives. Let them make some decisions and be a part of the driving force that governs your move. For example, you may want to let them research movers near me or choose the color of their room’s walls. Small things like that go a long way in helping your kids adapt.

    Keep the same schedule, if you can

    Predictability is the keyword here. This is especially true for toddlers, as they benefit the most from keeping the same schedule. It will be easier for your kid to adjust if they feel that most of the things are the same, even if the surroundings are different.

    An easy way to help kids adapt after moving to North York – Fun!

    Fun is the great equalizer when it comes to relocations. After your moving company brings in your belongings to your new home, you might want to take your kids to some fun places immediately. Visit a playground, find a great pizza shack, arrange some fun activities such as making a fort of leftover moving boxes, that sort of thing. But the best thing to do is to connect them with other kids of their age as soon as you can. Making new friends will ease the burden of relocation and make them excited about their new home.

    mother and child having fun
    Having fun is the best way to adapt to a new home.

    Keep your kids in touch with their friends

    Lastly, you may want to help your kids keep in contact with some of their friends back at their old place. Set up skype calls, arrange some online gaming sessions, etc. While you might think that it is “dwelling on the past” it is actually a great way to go through a transition period. That will help kids adapt after moving to North York before they make new friends and slowly transition into spending more time and thinking about them. It is much better to create a gradual adapting process than it is to simply cut all former ties entirely.


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