How to keep pests out of a storage unit

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    If you really need some extra space for your belongings, you will want to rent a storage unit. It is necessary to find a suitable storage facility so you should contact some of the professional movers Toronto residents highly recommend. They will be able to help you. When you choose the storage you will want your clothes and other items to keep clean and without damage, and you certainly do not want to see pests, cockroaches, or mice anywhere near them. So check out these tips to keep pests out of a storage unit.

    Keep pests out of a storage unit

    Nobody likes bugs, spiders, mice…okay maybe only in the cartoons, but not in your home or a storage unit. There are certain things you can do to prevent that from happening:

    • Search for the moving companies near me and let them help you choose the right storage
    • make sure there is no food in your storage unit
    • store your items in safe boxes and containers and make sure they are clean before packing
    • spray walls, doors, corners to keep pests out of a storage unit
    • you can also place mouse traps
    • seal all the holes and cracks on the walls to prevent intrusions.

    So, there are a lot of ways to keep your storage unit free of pests. Before you pack your clothes and items make sure they are properly cleaned, washed, and dried. Then make sure everything is properly packed and closed well. You can find affordable movers and let them properly pack your belongings. They will already have the right boxes and containers for your items.

    storage units
    It is important to choose a well-maintained storage unit.

    No matter where you are moving, professional movers can make the entire process easier. If you are going across the state, then hire long distance movers and you will have no worries. They will help with choosing a storage unit too.

    Choose a well-maintained storage unit

    First of all, important thing is to find a clean storage facility. Start looking for movers North York residents gladly recommend. A trustworthy moving company will be able to offer you a storage unit that is clean and safe. Measure all your items. This is the first step so you can choose a storage unit that suits your needs. Then, make sure the storage unit you choose is in good condition, that there are no holes and cracks in the walls and doors can be properly closed. 

    food storage
    Don’t place food in your storage unit.

    If you want to be sure that your items are safe, you have some more options. You can buy a pest spray and use them in your unit. Another option would be peppermint oil. And, in the end, you can purchase insurance, in case anything happens to your items while being in the storage facility.

    There are ways to keep pests out of a storage unit. But what is more important, is the preparation before you place your items inside and choosing the right and well-maintained unit.


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