How to meet your new neighbors in Scarborough after the move

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    Relocations are often stressful and, at times, unpleasant experiences. On the other hand, making friends in a new city can change this experience completely. Hiring the best Scarborough movers is another excellent way to improve the situation. Humans are very much social beings. Being surrounded by pleasant people can change one’s impression of an event significantly. Many studies have confirmed this phenomenon. So, use this knowledge to your advantage. Meet your new neighbors in Scarborough soon after the move and turn your first few weeks in Toronto into memorable times. This is how.

    1. Open with a party

    The first impression is the last impression. So open with a grand yet not too personal gesture. By inviting your neighbors to a party, you get to show that you are a fun person. But, at the same time, you are not putting too much pressure on anyone in particular, or yourself for that matter. You are creating a relaxing, friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. The best part, here already, you will be able to notice some of the personal traits of your neighbors. And you get the chance to sense the general atmosphere of the neighborhood.

    a house party with a table full of food and drinks
    Meet your new neighbors by throwing a house party in the first few weeks of your move

    2. Look approachable to meet your new neighbors

    Sometimes looking approachable is all you need to meet your new neighbors in Scarborough. Everybody likes smiling and polite people. The same way you have chosen the most helpful packers and movers Toronto, your neighbors will choose their company. If there is a situation that somebody needs information or help, they will sooner approach a person who gives away this pleasant vibe. People fear rejections. So, if you don’t give away the feeling that you are capable of rejecting them, they will gladly spend time with you.

    3. Offer help

    Nothing speaks better about a person than their willingness to help. Put your kind thoughts into action. You don’t even need to wait that somebody asks for assistance, offer it yourself. Help your old neighbor to cross the street or buy groceries. Help your first neighbor with carrying a TV or renovation. Walk somebody’s dog- that should be fun. Or simply, take one minute to hold an item for somebody who is tying shoes. These small acts of kindness will make you closer to your new neighbors than any grand gesture ever will.

    4. Ask them for guidance

    So you had to hire the last minute movers to relocate to Scarborough urgently, and now you don’t know anything about the city. No problem, just ask your neighbors for some guidance. Instead of spending hours in front of your computer learning about the possibilities you have, make it more personal. It is the easier way too. People like to feel useful and seem knowledgeable to others. Talking about Scarborough is their field. So most of them will be happy to help. And in case they refuse you. Well, most likely, they are not the kind of people you would like to become friends with anyway.

    meet your new neighbors by asking questions
    Asking questions about the neighborhood is the most common way of starting conversations

    5. Eat in local restaurants to meet your new neighbors

    If you are always eating in another part of Toronto, your chances of running into a neighbor are significantly lower. So stay around, at least, for a few first weeks. In any way, getting to know your area first is always a good idea. Besides making friends, your everyday activities will become much easier once you know the local shops, cafes, and restaurants. Scarborough has a lot to offer. So no need to move further, until you conquer your immediate neighborhood first. It is, after all, your new home.

    6. Invite them for some activity in the city

    Use your hobbies and interests to your advantage. If you are into sight-seeing, prepare well and learn a bit of local history. Most likely, some of your neighbors, who have spent their entire lives in Scarborough, will end up learning something new from you. Not every day we read about our hometown. After some time, we tend to take local attractions for granted. So, show your neighbors how much you care by telling them an interesting story or two. Undoubtedly, they will be impressed. Or if you are into museums, for example, buy a few tickets for Scarborough Museum and take somebody for a tour. Possibilities are as numerous as hobbies are. So let the small movers Toronto finish the last stages of your move. It is relaxation time!

    7. Invite your new neighbors for dinner or a movie night

    If you are looking not only to meet your new neighbors in Scarborough but also to bond with them, inviting them over is the best way. Sure, you will not invite strangers in, the first day of your move. But as soon as you feel comfortable, you should try it. Make a delicious dinner for your favorite neighbors. Ask them which movie they would like to watch. Or even a quick coffee session can be engaging and therapeutic. These are some of the best ways people usually connect.

    Some more ideas on how to meet your new neighbors in Scarborough

    Some of the additional suggestions are:

    • Barbeque in your new garden- if it is summer.
    • Host brunch with mimosa drinks.
    • Organize board-games nights.
    • If you like baking, bake something nice for cold winter days and share it with your neighbors.
    • Meet your new neighbors in shopping. Shopping in Toronto is great.
    • Try to accept your neighbors’ invitations whenever you can too.
    young people playing a board game on the floor
    After some time, invite your neighbors over for a board game to get to know them better

    Some life changes are more difficult than others. But then again, a lot depends on your perception too. Life is how you see it and how you make it for yourself. Changing your hometown and starting life over is a unique opportunity for some personal improvements. For a start, socializing with new people from time to time can be an amusing and fulfilling experience. If you are new in a city, especially, you should strive to meet your new neighbors. It can be that, in your previous city, you were too occupied by your work and you didn’t have time for hangouts. Perhaps, your new job will leave you more time to enjoy. In any case, you should try to be the best new version of yourself after moving to Scarborough.


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