How to pack your clothes with ease?

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    So you are moving. You should know that this is a stressful endeavor that will require a lot of your time and effort. The only thing that can make it easier for you to handle everything is finding good movers. So, before everything else you should hire your reliable High Level Moving and Storage Toronto and make sure you have got the right people on the job. They will be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. You might think that packing clothes is a small task in the moving process. T might be true, but if it is not done efficiently, it turns into a big and stressful waste of time. We are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to pack your clothes for a move like a pro.

    How to pack your clothes like a pro

    So if you want to pack your clothes like a pro it is a good idea to first prepare the clothes for packing. We will explain it in a step-by-step process. Make sure that everything is clean and that there are no stains on your clothes. So you should thoroughly wash all of your clothes. Let them dry completely before folding them for packing. If something is damaged you should either repair it or donate it. That being said, this is a great way to get rid of all of the unnecessary clothes. Do not be sentimental and make the assessment of what you need and what you don’t need. Time to make some smart choices. So your first steps are clear

    • organize
    • declutter
    • launder
    Wash your clothes before packing them

    Follow these three tips when you pack your clothes for a move

    These rules concern organizing clothes before packing them. So the first rule is that you should organize your clothes according to family members and seasons. Make batches of summer and winter clothes. Think about making kids and adult batches, or male and female batches as well. The next step would be to assign a box to piles of clothes you have made. Match the size of the box with the size of the pile. The third step is to check your piles once more for things you want to get rid of. And finally, tip number four would be to separate clothes you will not need for that season.

    Pack the off-season clothes

    You should start off by packing the off-season clothes. These are the clothes that you are not going to be using three months after the move. After you have selected these clothes and made piles select boxes for them. You should label the box to make sure you know what is inside and distinguish it from the rest of the boxes. If you are going to store these clothes for a long time you should make sure they are protected. Protect them from pests and moisture.

    Separate a moving day box

    You should separate a moving box or bag for every member of your family. Of course, it would be smart to hire moving assistance for your move, but packing these personal moving day bags is your job. You should set aside clothes for the entire moving week actually. You should do this for every member of your family. Pack all of the essentials. Don’t forget to pack enough underwear, socks, pajamas, clean T-shirts when you pack your clothes in the moving box.

    moving day box
    Pack a moving day box

    Use the right packing methods to pack your clothes

    If you want to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently you should use the right packing methods. Our first tip is to use wardrobe boxes. If you are going to let the Toronto professionals move your clothes in their truck, you should put the clothes in secure boxes. You can also keep them in garment racks. If you have some clothes neatly packed in drawers a good idea would be to keep them there. If you are going to do this seal the drawers tight. This will prevent them from opening inside the moving truck. Your movers will move the drawers as heavy furniture. But, they are already experienced when it comes to this.

    clothes on hangers
    Pack your clothes already on hangers

    Use garbage bags for hanging clothes

    We are not mentioning garbage bags because you should throw away your clothes. Quite the opposite, they will be useful for packing hanging clothes. You should wrap five to fifteen hangers and cover them with a garbage bag. You will have clothes that have been secured and ready for the move. Another trick you can use is vacuum sealing. This is going to save you an enormous amount of space. Vacuum bags are a lifesaver in these situations. You will be able to pack and transport more clothes than you can imagine.

    Pack shoes separately

    Not all clothes should be packed together. You should pack your shoes separately. You should also pack the delicate and sensitive clothes in separate boxes or bags. If you have silk clothes or some made from extremely delicate materials here is a trick for you. You should wrap these clothes in tissue paper before packing them. This will prevent any damage.

    boots - pack your clothes
    Pack shoes separately when you pack your clothes

    Make bundles

    Making bundles is a quick and efficient packing method. You will also save a lot of space. This is how you can do this. You should put a large clothing item on a flat surface. Put a smaller one on it. Then put some other smaller ones inside. After you lay everything down you should wrap everything with that first jacket. Use this packing advice if you want to have a stress-free move.

    Use small boxes

    You should use smaller boxes when you pack clothes. Clothes are not so light. A full box can get quite heavy, so you don’t want to take a big box and exaggerate. This is going to be a problem for your movers during the move. You can even fold your clothes. Imagine you are packing a suitcase for a trip. Make rolls out of your clothes. This is going to save you so much space.


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