How to pick the right size storage unit?

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    Moving is an interesting process, and you will need time and nerves to prepare for it. And if you want to pick the right size storage unit for your belongings that cannot fit in your new home, choose wisely. As soon as a Toronto moving company relocates you, you will have to unpack and settle in. Unfortunately, you later realize that you are not able to fit all of your items in your new home. Therefore, you have to look for storage solutions in your new city. Based on your needs and budget, of course.

    What to consider before you pick the right size storage unit?

    When it comes to this, it is not always easy to pick the right storage unit for your belongings. There are some rules first that you should know when looking for storage units. Especially regarding the dimensions, so you can have a better overview. After your cheap movers transport the belongings to your new home you should first check what items you need storage for.

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    A moving company will gladly help you with the transportation of your belongings.

    Regarding the dimension of the storage units, here is an overview that will help you choose the right unit according to your needs:

    • Pick the right size storage unit 5×5 – This unit is the size of a small room closet and it can hold clothes, small or medium furniture.
    • A 5×10 unit – Here you can also store some medium furniture or one large item and other things stacked upon it. Moving companies Scarborough residents gladly recommend will help you transport the items to your new storage unit. In case you have a busy schedule.
    • 5×15 – This one has a space like a large basement storage. It is great for larger furniture like bedroom items, with plenty of room left for boxes with personal items and appliances.
    • 10×10 – This unit can accommodate items fromĀ  2 or 3 rooms.

    Make an inventory

    As soon as you are in your new home, make an inventory of the items that you are going to put in a storage unit. In case your new storage unit is not close by, you have to get movers downtown Toronto to help you with the transportation. Depending on the items, choose the right size storage unit. Also, when preparing your stuff for it, you have to organize the boxes and label them according to their content. That way, you will always know what you have in a specific box.

    Man writing in his notebook.
    Make an inventory list for the items for a storage unit.

    This will definitely help also in case you have seasonal items that you can change for the right season. Reliable movers will gladly transport your stuff, so you can have access to them throughout the year. Actually, whenever you need them they are accessible. It gives you a lot of opportunities, and also in case you have some valuable items like artwork, it will prevent damage. You just have to pick a climate-controlled unit, so moisture cannot harm the unit. If you want to pick the right size storage unit, you first have to figure out for which items you need it. As soon as you know this, you can then search for the right facility.


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