How to prepare an essential moving box for moving from Etobicoke

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    Moving day is finally here, after months of careful planning, packing, and extensive research. You think you’ve thought of everything, obsessively cataloging your life and putting it away into neatly packed boxes. The last thing left to do is settle into your new home and finally relax. However, that’s not the reality of things. It’s highly possible that you won’t unpack all of your things immediately. Maybe you’re arriving late at night, working early the next day, or simply have no energy left after such a long and grueling process. Nevertheless, you’ll still need some essentials – food, toiletries and the like. Rifling through dozens of boxes is simply not practical, which is why here at Movers Toronto, we recommend you prepare an essential moving box. It’s guaranteed to make your life easier!

    What is an essential moving box?

    If you have never moved before, you might be wondering what is an essential moving box and why would anyone need it? After all, it just seems like more work on top of the usual relocating tasks. But assembling a box of moving essentials is something everyone should do. An essential moving box or a first-night box is as the name implies, a box you fill with items that you’ll need to use first when you arrive at your new home. It’s a box you open first, before all of the others. It should help you survive the first few hours or days without the need to unpack all of your belongings. Moreover, if your move was on the spontaneous side and you’ve hired last minute movers, then packing an open-first box is even more important.

    A man and a woman deciding how to prepare an essential moving box
    To prepare an essential moving box successfully, you need to effectively communicate with everyone in your household.

    Why should you prepare an essential moving box?

    When moving, there’s an incredible amount of things that can go wrong. Items breaking, getting lost, not arriving on time – the list goes on. If you’re planning to move from Etobicoke and you’re looking at cheap moving companies Toronto to help you along the way, there’s really no reason to not prepare one. It’s a part of expecting the unexpected as even with the most reliable companies sometimes things just go wrong.

    The benefits of putting together a simple moving box are easy to see:

    • easier to get settled in
    • everything important is in one place
    • if you prepare an essential moving box you can get on with your life quicker
    • good in case of emergencies or accidents
    • quick to put together
    • ensure valuable items won’t get lost in the sea of boxes

    How does one put together a first-night box?

    We’ve gone over what an essential box is, why you should prepare one, and all of the benefits they bring. Now we move onto the most important part – actually putting it together. There are several ways you can go about this: divide it by person, divide by room or put everything into one box. If you divide it by person or room, you’ll end up with several essential boxes. This is a good strategy if you don’t plan on unpacking for several days. Theoretically, everything needed for continuing your daily activities should be found inside. If your family is big, having multiple boxes is a smart choice – this way you can stay more organized. If you’re unsure what packing materials to use for a first night box, contact professional movers Etobicoke for advice.

    Things to pack from the kitchen

    The kitchen is a tough room to unpack so prepping a simple essentials box really helps to get it up and running in minimal time. Instead of unpacking every single pot, plate and utensil, think about what is the minimal amount of things you’ll need to prepare a few simple meals each day. You could even pack some paper plates in there, to reduce the need for cleanup in those first few days of the move. Additionally, consider packing a mix of fresh ingredients and nonperishable items. Bread, peanut butter, bananas, pasta, rice, canned vegetables, and sauces will make up most of your diet. Don’t forget dish soap and kitchen tools like can and bottle openers. If you can’t live without a morning coffee, don’t forget your coffee machine and mugs.

    A shot of a small, white kitchen in natural light
    Try not to pack everything but the kitchen sink into your first-night box.

    Bathroom essentials

    Packing all of your bathroom basics should be simple enough. The easiest way to do this is to go over your daily routine in your head and write down items as you go. At the very minimum, a first-night box should contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, some towels, a hairdryer, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and soap. If you’re not moving alone, it’s best to ask each member of your family about their specific needs, to prevent any mix-ups from happening in the early morning hours. Bathroom basics should also include a first aid kit, it’s highly possible accidents will happen as you move into your new home and unpack. 

    A person holding a small, green first aid bag.
    Being prepared for a medical emergency can’t hurt.

    Here’s what you should find in a simple first aid kit:

    • gauze
    • surgical tape
    • band-aids
    • antibiotic cream
    • pain medication
    • disinfectant

    Bedroom must-haves

    Finally, after a long day of packing and moving boxes, all you want to do is relax in the comfort of your bedroom. You are most likely in need of some serious sleep. Pack some sheets, pillows, pajamas, and a comfortable blanket. If you have kids be sure to bring their stuffed toys. Furthermore, a bedroom box should contain items that will help you get back into your routine. A change of clothes is a must for each family member. Be aware of the weather if you’re moving to a new area from Etobicoke and pack accordingly. In case your furniture arrives late, it might be smart to pack an air mattress. No one wants to sleep on the floor after a long day of work.

    Now that you’ve learned how to prepare an essential moving box, hopefully, you see the benefits of putting in just a bit more prep work before your big move.


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