How to prepare clothes for storage in Toronto

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    Another season is coming. So you may want to store your clothes away for another few months or seasons. Or maybe you have decided to relocate. So you will need to store your clothes. No matter the reason, it is important to prepare clothes for storage properly. Most of us tend to divide our clothes into spring/summer and autumn/winter collections. The clothes we wear in spring and summer usually take less space in our wardrobes. Pieces of clothes that we have almost throughout the year are sports clothes. There are dresses and t-shirts even in the most fickle climate. And those outfits can fold with frustrating ease. Hence become lost and forgotten. Usually buried beneath clothing we would normally wear during the colder months. That’s why moving companies in Toronto are here to guide you to prepare clothes for storage.

    Prepare clothes for storage

    Autumn and winter clothes can become spoiled, misshapen and even moldy. That is if clothes are left unintended. If they are put in the back of our wardrobes whilst we persist in wearing some clothes, they can get damaged over time. The solution is, of course, to store our spring and summer clothes apart from our autumn and winter clothes. Storing clothes properly takes preparation. Here, the local movers in Toronto will give you a few tips on preparing your clothes for storage.

    Tips for storing your clothes properly

    In order to store your clothes properly you can do the following:

    • Wash and dry them neatly
    • Polish your shoes
    • Eliminate the clothes that you won’t wear
    • Repair damaged pieces of clothes
    • Use proper storage bags
    • Store them properly

    Follow these steps in order to store your belongings! And, of course, you can always consult small movers Toronto for the best storage solutions!

    Wash and dry them neatly

    Before you put your clothes into storage, you need to clean your clothes properly. You can simply wash them in a washing machine. Or you can leave them at the dry cleaners. It depends on the precise piece of clothing. Also, don’t bother to iron your clothes. Since you will have to iron them again once you retrieve them from storage. And remember that deodorant and perfume can leave stains over time. So try not to leave any perfumes on your clothes. Because many insects and pests may be attracted to it. And ruin your clothes.

    A woman puts clothes into the washing machine.
    Wash your clothes before storing them

    Polish your shoes

    You also need to think about your shoes and boots! They should be cleaned and polished as well. And make sure that they are stuffed with clean tissue paper. In order to keep their shape before putting them into storage.

    various shoes
    Polish your shoes and prepare your clothes for storage

    Eliminate the clothes that you won’t wear

    You probably have clothes that you haven’t worn for many months. So, it is likely that you won’t wear it again. Now you have a good opportunity to get rid of those. This is also a good idea to make more space in your wardrobe. First, sort your items. For instance, you can sort them into three categories: keep, give to charity or recycle. And you can also ask movers Etobicoke to help you with removing your unused clothes.

    A woman is looking at clothes
    Sort your clothes before storing them

    Repair damaged pieces of clothes

    Anything that you want to store should be checked for damage. It is very important to do so before you store those belongings. And, of course, repair it. It will be a lot easier when you use those outfits again.

    Use proper storage bags and prepare clothes for storage

    You should avoid vacuum storage bags. Yes, they can save you a huge amount of space. But, keeping items made from natural materials such as wool and silk in a plastic bag can damage them. And it can also make them lose shape over time. Therefore, vacuum bags may be fine for a few weeks. However if you plan to leave your clothes in storage for a few months, look for plastic storage boxes instead. It is a good idea to choose boxes that have an airtight lid. So that your clothes will stay dry. And also free from mold and mildew.

    Store your clothes properly

    Even though you may not have to iron your clothes, you should still pack your clothes carefully. Heavier items such as coats and jackets should be placed at the bottom of the bag. Or a box. Lighter and more delicate items should be at the top. Remember not to over-stuff your container! Since your clothes may lose their shape. And it will be much harder to iron once you have retrieved them. Pay attention to your hanging clothes. So you should consider investing in a storage box that has a hanging rail.

    Consider the temperature in order to prepare clothes for storage

    When storing clothes, you should consider the temperature of your chosen storage location. The temperature should be no higher than 23C, with a humidity of 55C. Still, as long as you find a place to keep your clothes dry, cool, clean and dark it is suitable. Your clothes should look as fresh coming out of storage as they did before. If you don’t have enough space in your house, you can entrust your storage boxes to a storage company for a few weeks or months.

    You can store your accessories too

    Remember to sort out your coat rack or the drawers under the stairs. Or wherever else it is that you keep your hats, gloves and scarves during winter. You can put them into storage as well. Hence you will free up some space during the warmer months. And you will also more easily access your spring/summer clothes. Now you know how to prepare clothes for storage in Toronto. Make sure to know all of the storing tips, in order to store your belongings safely and carefully.


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