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    Etobicoke, as a western part of Toronto, is a popular moving destination. With so many wonderful and positive things about this neighborhood, we are not surprised more and more people are deciding to relocate there. If you too are moving to Etobicoke, read on. We are about to give you all the tips, information and advice you need to survive this move. The first one would be to get happy that you are starting your Toronto moving adventure. You are in for a thrilling ride!

    Typical Toronto landmarks on the picture. By moving to Etobicoke, a part of Toronto, you will always be close to them.
    Move to Etobicoke and experience Toronto in the best possible way!

    Why should you be moving to Etobicoke?

    First things first, have you given any thought to why moving to Etobicoke is a good idea? This question is frequently asked on a lot of different online forums. But the answer, or rather answers, are quite simple. By relocating to Etobicoke, you get the best of both worlds. You are still living in Toronto, but paying a much less price for a life in this metropolitan city. Some might argue with this statement since Etobicoke is not exactly in the center of all that is hip and trendy about Toronto. Which is when you will tell them that the Toronto downtown is easily accessible from this neighborhood, thanks to the subway Line 2 which runs frequently. Known as a middle-class neighborhood, Etobicoke is the perfect place for buying an apartment in Toronto. What more is there to think about?

    Hiring movers or DIY move to Etobicoke?

    Ah, the eternal question. Should I hire movers or am I capable enough to pull off a relocation on my own? As an experienced moving company that High Level Moving and Storage Toronto is, we highly advise you to always hire reputable movers for any type of relocation. Movers are trained professionals who will make sure you have a positive experience after all is said and done. If you still have any doubts, here are a couple of additional reasons to hire professionals for your Etobicoke move.

    • Movers in Etobicoke will help you reduce moving stress. Hired professionals will take care of all the tasks for you, no matter how easy or difficult they are. For an extra charge, they can even take care of the packing part of the move for you. Is there a better way to reduce moving anxiety?
    • Professional movers offer insurance. Unlike with the DIY move, with a reputable moving company, all of your possessions are insured. If anything were to be damaged or broken during the move, the company would cover the costs. Not impressed yet?
    • Hiring movers for your Etobicoke move will save you from injuries. When people try to relocate some heavy items, such as pianos and pool tables, they are bound to get injured. There is a simple way to save yourself from a lot of pain – hire movers when moving to Etobicoke. 

    We have given you three rock-solid reasons for hiring moving professionals today! It is a much better option than attempting a DIY move and, more often than not, failing.

    A teddy bear that has bandages on his head and leg.
    DIY moves often result in injuries, which is why you should hire professional help when moving to Etobicoke!

    Beware of fraudulent moving companies!

    The only downside to hiring movers is that you can run into fraudulent companies. Lately, a lot of illegal companies have resurfaced in the moving industry. Therefore, it is useful to know some of the common warning signs that the company you are dealing with is fraudulent. These types of movers usually ask for a large deposit. Giving them the money beforehand is the worst thing you can do. Moreover, one way to check if the company is indeed legal is by visiting the US Department of Transportation`s site. Once there, you can search for the DOT number each of the legal, licensed and insured companies have.

    Also, one more thing you can do is check the company`s website. Each website should contain customer reviews. If the movers you have chosen have a good rating, the chances are they are not fraudulent. Finding a reputable moving company is the best way to have a stress-free move when moving to Etobicoke.

    A lot of hundre-dollar-bills in a briefcase.
    Never trust a moving company that requires a large deposit.

    Some things to know when moving to Etobicoke

    What did you always want to know about this neighborhood in Toronto but it has never crossed your mind to ask? We will try to answer some of those questions you might not even be aware you have.

    You don`t need to speak French

    A lot of people postpone moving to Canada because they think that speaking French is a must. While French is the second official language in Canada, you do not necessarily have to know it to relocate to Etobicoke. Therefore, you can sleep tight knowing that learning French is not one of the important things to do after the move.

    An open book.
    Good news! There is no need to hit the books in an attempt to learn French after moving to Etobicoke.

    You get to enjoy all four seasons

    It is only a stereotype that it is always cold in Toronto. Yes, winters are really cold, be we like to stay positive. Having cold winters only makes you more appreciative of those sweet summer days! And, think about all the different sports and activities you get to enjoy after your relocation to Etobicoke. That is an impossible thing in places that have a monotonous climate.

    The western part of Toronto is where all the fun happens

    Oh yes, moving to Etobicoke will bring you much more fun than moving to an eastern part of Toronto. And, if you do move to Etobicoke, make sure to check out some of the best music festivals in Toronto. You won`t regret it!

    The conclusion

    If you are an adventuristic person, who wants to live in a nice yet affordable neighborhood, moving to Etobicoke is the right move for you. Get ahold of the moving services you will need and start packing. Etobicoke awaits!


    Movers Toronto were our movers. They were on time, fast, saved us a lot of money and were very careful and respectful. My wife and I have used a lot of moving companies over the years and believe me, these guys are not only the best value out there, you can trust them.

    Tom and Eugenia

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