Moving to Toronto with a pet

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    Relocating your home is not the easiest task. You have to organize your relocation and that takes time. While researching the best Toronto moving companies, packing your home, you still have to keep your pet in mind. Moving to Toronto with a pet is a bit different than your regular relocation. Depending on the distance on your relocation, your pet may need more attention and preparation. Here are some tips on moving to Toronto with a pet without difficulty.

    Prepare to move with a pet

    As you already may know if you have a dog or a cat for your pet, they are used to their usual environment. Even the smallest changes affect your pet. A new person coming for dinner, children running through your home, a house full of quests may get your pet quite upset. On the other hand, moving home presents the biggest change for your pet friend. That is why you should take special care of your pet before you organize your move. While organizing the rest of your relocation and researching the best moving companies Etobicoke has to provide, consider training your pet in advance.

    woman with a dog
    Your pet will need a few weeks to prepare for the upcoming move.

    A few weeks before the move you should prepare your pet for the upcoming changes. You should prepare them to feel comfortable inside their transport carrier. Only after you make time and exercise your pet to enjoy entering the transport carrier, you will put your mind at ease. If your pet is familiar with its surroundings, he will feel more relaxed when the moving day comes. However, if you are moving to Toronto with a pet and decide to drive your vehicle, he will feel most comfortable.

    Moving to Toronto with a pet – tips

    Getting ready for your Toronto relocation with your pet starts with getting the best moving services Toronto has to offer. While looking for movers, consider all the tasks you should complete regarding your pet. Here are some tips on moving to Toronto with a pet:

    • Get documents in order. Before embarking on a trip with your furry little friends, consider their documents shoots, and passport. All the documents you may need should be up to date even before the moving day. You should make sure that all the documentation for your pet is with you at all times while he travels to your new home.
    • Visit a vet. Even though your reliable smaller companion is in a good health, visiting a vet before you relocate is always a good idea. A regular checkup may be just what you need to make sure your pet is safe to travel.
    • Update your pet’s info. While visiting your vet before moving to Toronto with a pet, make sure to change your pet’s information in the official database. Changing their current address with a new one is crucial while moving in a chance of any mishap.
    cat and dog playing
    Before the move, you’ll have to visit a local vet and prepare the necessary documents.

    Take good care of your pet on a moving day

    As we all know moving day becomes hectic and full of stress at one point. Usually, last minute movers are moving through your home, moving and packing your furniture pieces, rearranging your home, etc. Movers working in your home can get your pet quite agitated. To keep your pet safe on a moving day and keep him away from movers, you should pick a special room or space when he can stay and relax. If you choose that he stays in a room that movers already packed and moved, he will stay calm on a moving day.

    Should you hire professional pet movers?

    When relocating long-distance with your pet, you might not be able to drive your vehicle to your new home. In this situation, consider hiring professional movers to help with transportation. Research cheap moving companies Toronto has to provide. Find reliable moving companies that specialize in pet relocation. These moving companies usually have people with the skill and training to deal with your pet the right way while moving. Professional pet movers will know how to properly take care of your small friend during transport. That is why professionals recommend that you use quality pet relocation service if moving long distances.

    Driving with a pet –yes or no?

    If you decide on moving to Toronto with a pet, you should consider the time he will spend in your car. Driving your pet with you to your new home may be the best and the most comfortable option. However, driving with a pet is not just putting him in a car in the back seat and that is all. You should make sure to secure your pet inside the carrier. In case you have to push the brakes a little harder at some point, your pet will stay safe. Adjust his collar and connect the safety belt. When your pet is secure from falling you are good to go.

    scared kitten
    Keep your pet’s daily routine steady, so he doesn’t feel the stress of the move.

    When moving to Toronto with a pet, you should make sure you have his bowl and a lot of fluids on hand. Your pet may need more fluids while driving. Give him fluids regularly in case you are driving during hot summer days so he is hydrated at all times. On the other hand, when organizing your road plan, consider all the pit stops you may need to make so your pet can stretch his legs or go out. If your pet gets to go out when it needs he will be calmer during transport.

    In case you are moving to Toronto with a pet and your kids, the drive will be easier for your pet. He will get a lot of attention when your kids are sitting next to him or playing with him. Even with your kids in a car, secure your pet inside the car accordingly. In case you have a long way to go, consider asking your vet for advice on keeping your pet calm during a long drive.


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