Post-move paperwork you need to handle

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    You thought moving was all about packing and transporting your life in boxes. Little have you known that moving means having to deal with paperwork, too? Once your moving day is over and you settle in your new home, ready to unwind, you still have a lot to do. There is a whole bunch of post-move paperwork you need to take care of. Changing your address, notifying the authorities, canceling memberships, and transferring records will soon become your new reality, at least for a few weeks. You better start preparing well ahead, so you know what to expect. It will give you a chance to organize and prioritize, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy your new home and neighborhood.

    The list of post-move paperwork is a long one

    You should invest the same amount of effort researching paperwork requirements as you did searching for the most reliable moving companies Etobicoke offers. It can sound a little bit off, but keep in mind that bureaucracy is slow, and it may take a long time until you get all your documents in order.

    white binders full of post-move paperwork
    If your pile of post-move paperwork is getting bigger you should take a step back and redo your plan

    Between changing your address and transferring your kids’ school records, you will have no time to procrastinate. It is better to plan everything and avoid falling into a race against the clock. Here is the list of some post-move paperwork you should handle as soon as you settle:

    • Change your address with the postal service
    • Transfer your kids’ school records to the new school
    • Collect and transfer your family’s medical records
    • Update your information with your insurance provider
    • Contact your bank and credit card provider

    There are many reasons you should make changing your address a priority

    The moment you enter your new home, your new life begins. Hopefully, you had a pleasant moving experience, getting serviced by some of the best movers that can be found in Toronto. Now it is time to recuperate and enter a new phase of handling some post-move paperwork. Changing your address with the postal service should be imperative because you want all your mail to arrive in your new mailbox.

    In most instances, you can do this online, sending a service inquiry form to Canada Post. It should be a straightforward process that you can even handle by phone. There will be a couple of forms to fill in and sign, but once you’re done, you will have one less task on your to-do list.

    Transferring school records on time is extremely important

    If you are moving across the country, your children will have to change school. It would be best if you made inquiries on how to collect or transfer your kid’s school records. These documents take time, so you better start as soon as you know your moving date. There could be even some costs associated with the transfer of these documents.

    binders full of papers
    Transferring school records can be overwhelming so you should start a couple of months in advance

    Be prepared to incorporate these costs into your moving budget. Hopefully, you have been able to hire reliable but cheap movers, so your total moving costs will remain reasonable. If you are moving in the summer, you will have more time before school starts, but you have to prepare in advance if you are relocating midyear. To avoid confusion about the paperwork needed for enrollment, you should contact the new school.

    Be sure to bring your medical records when you relocate

    Before you relocate:

    1. Don’t forget to visit your doctor and your kids’ doctor and inform them of your move.
    2. Ask about the procedures to collect or transfer the copies of all your medical records.
    3. Ensure you get all your prescriptions on time before moving day.

    All essential medical documents should be with you at all times. That way, you will avoid getting them lost in some moving box going to storage. That is especially important if you are using last minute movers services and don’t have the time to think about all the details. Let your movers worry about your furniture and appliances, and you make sure your documents are secure by your side.

    two red folders
    Keeping your medical records with you at all times is the best decision, especially if you are moving last minute

    Post-move paperwork includes changing personal information on your insurance policy

    When changing your place of residence, you should contact your insurance provider. Depending on the type of insurance you carry, your service provider will notify you which changes will have to take effect. You will undoubtedly have to change your personal information, such as your address. Besides, you might have to fill a few forms. Also, it can happen that you cannot handle everything by phone or email, so be prepared for having to meet with your insurance agent face to face.

    If you are moving your business elsewhere and using commercial movers Toronto services, you should address all the moving insurance-related questions to their customer service. You must opt for reliable, insured companies to move your professional equipment in case of unforeseen circumstances and possible damages.

    Don’t forget to contact your bank

    Informing your bank and your credit card provider is obligatory. It would help if you told them about the upcoming change of your address. If you are a part of some loyalty program like Amex Membership Awards, you should contact them as well. In most instances, you should be able to do this procedure online. If not, you should schedule going to your bank before the actual moving date.

    Now you can finally fully enjoy your new home

    Once you handle all your post-move paperwork successfully, it is time to appreciate what a fantastic job you have done thoroughly. Not only you have managed to move to an entirely new house, but you managed to finish all the paperwork relating to the move. Now you can indeed start feeling the new home. Go for a walk, meet the neighbors and have fun exploring your new surroundings. 


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