Prohibited storage items to leave out when renting a unit

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    During the process of moving, you may have to relocate a number of different items. Likewise, you might also need to rent a storage unit if you need some extra space. Renting storage units while relocating is fairly common. Therefore, it is good to know in advance some of the prohibited storage items that you should never put in a storage unit. In this article, we will cover the basic items that you should avoid storing. Furthermore, we will cover the important reasons for hiring reliable North York movers to assist you with your relocation and storage.

    Prohibited storage items

    Perishable foods

    Since we have already established that you may be moving a wide variety of different items in your inventory, we will have to cover the obvious ones as well. When it comes to storage, perishable food and drinks are prohibited. Any type of food that can spoil cannot be put in a storage unit regardless of the time period it is placed there. This includes pet food as well. If you need help with relocating all of these smaller items in your household contact professional small movers Toronto to help you out. 

    Different food jars.
    Perishable food and drinks are prohibited storage items.

    Hazardous materials

    Combustible liquids and similar hazardous materials are prohibited in storage units. These kinds of items are very sensitive to temperature, moisture, and other elements. Therefore, they can also easily create all sorts of problems for the storage units. Some of the basic items in this category are the following:

    • Cleaning products
    • Bleach
    • Pesticides and insecticides
    • paint and paint thinners
    • Roofing tar

    If you need help with packing and safe transportation of these items contact reliable movers that can offer you excellent moving services Toronto at affordable prices.

    Flammable items

    Next up on our list is another type of item that has no place in storage units. Easily combustible and flammable items are also prohibited from storage units. There are many items that fall under this category so we should cover some of them. Items such as propane tanks, aerosols, fuel cans, any type of gasoline can or explosive, fireworks, acid, toxic waste, etc. all fall under this category and cannot be placed in a storage unit. However, there are safe ways to dispose of flammable items as well as ways to safely transport them.

    Flammable prohibited storage items.
    Flammable items are strictly prohibited from storage units.

    Plants and pets

    This one might be another obvious one. However, even if it is, it is extremely important to cover it. Whether you rent a storage unit for a day or two, or you rent it for a couple of months, plants and animals cannot be put inside it. Plants cannot survive without daily sunlight and constant watering which they cannot receive inside a storage unit. Similarly, pets also need constant care as well as food and water. So, regardless of the type of plant or pet you have, it is prohibited from storage units. Also, while moving, and especially on the moving day, it is good to have someone, friends or family members, who can take in your pets until the process of relocation is completed. This is because the process of moving can be extremely stressful and chaotic for pets just like it can be for people.

    Garbage and waste

    Items such as garbage and waste materials cannot be put in a storage unit. Any kind of trash or waste you may have, regardless if it’s properly closed, needs to go to the dumpster. These kinds of items attract different bugs and insects and for this reason, you cannot place them in a storage container.

    Why are storage units important?

    We have covered some of the prohibited items that you should never put in a storage unit. Let us now take a look at some of the reasons for renting storage while moving in the first place. First of all, you will likely need additional space when moving. If your new home is smaller, does not have extra storage space, garage, etc. it is a good idea to rent a storage unit. So, this additional space that you get for your items is one of the main advantages of renting a storage unit. Likewise, if you have items that you cannot move for some reason on a moving day, you can put them inside a storage unit. All of these are some of the main reasons why you would want to rent a storage unit. However, even regular items such as furniture need protection while stored. Pack them properly. More importantly, you should also pest-proof a storage unit to properly protect stored items. 

    A storage warehouse.
    Storing items gives you additional space which is one of the main advantages of renting a storage unit.

    Hire professional movers when relocating and renting a storage unit

    The process of moving is not easy. Packing is a big part of any move and it can also be quite stressful. Furthermore, you may also need to look for additional space and rent a storage unit. All of these tasks can be very difficult to complete on your own. Hiring professional movers that can offer you moving and storage Toronto is a great way of making your relocation easy and stress-free. Professional movers will tackle all of the crucial moving-related tasks. Meanwhile, you will have enough time and energy to focus on other things. Moreover, you have more time to focus on your family members and friends as well. They will also send a required number of trained hired workers depending on the size of your inventory. What’s more, you do not have to worry about transportation and heavy lifting all of your packed inventory on your own. So, now that you know some of the main prohibited storage items, focus on researching the right storage unit for your inventory, contact professional movers, and you will relocate to your new home in no time!


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