Reasons to move to Etobicoke, CA

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    If you are considering making Etobicoke your new home, you may want to know what makes it a great place to live in. There are many reasons to move to Etobicoke, from considerable savings to great condo opportunities. Speaking of savings, you may want to invest some time in finding one of the cheap moving companies Toronto to conduct your relocation. You want to arrive at your new home in high spirits, after all, and having great movers on your side will ensure it. That being said, let’s see what are the main draws of Etobicoke.

    Top 5 reasons to move to Etobicoke!

    Here are the main reasons why you might want to relocate to this awesome neighborhood:

    1. Affordable place to live
    2. Low crime rates
    3. Close to Toronto but peaceful and quiet at the same time
    4. There are tons of new condos
    5. Great place to start a family in

    Other than that, residents are welcoming to new arrivals and eager to help you adapt. As it is a great city for families, there are many events that are organized by the community which makes for great fun. After your movers Etobicoke relocate your belongings, you will be able to enjoy everything that this place has to offer. But, for now, let’s explore these reasons and why they might influence your decision.

    1. Affordable place to live

    Most of the Toronto neighborhoods are quite expensive to live in. Not so in Etobicoke! The costs of living are a lot lower than in most other city suburbs, and you will be able to devote more of your monthly budget to fun activities. Just make sure to make your relocation plans in time, as hiring last minute movers might put additional strain on your budget. And there are a lot of places that will compete for your money, such as bars, restaurants, and all the cool waterfront attractions. But the main thing that makes Etobicoke cheap to live in is that it is in a somewhat remote location, all things considered. But this can be a benefit as well. In fact, it is one of the reasons why you might want to relocate in the first place!

    person counting money
    You will be able to set aside more money for fun activities.

    2. One of the reasons to move to Etobicoke – Low crime rates

    Safety is one of the most important things in life. Living in Etobicoke will provide you with a neighborhood that has a low crime rate, even for Toronto standards. Since Toronto is already one of the safest large cities in the entire world, you and your family can feel safe in your day-to-day lives. The peace of mind can be priceless, after all, and is definitely not something to be overlooked. Living in a safe environment is about the best thing that you can provide for yourself and your family!

    3. Close to Toronto but peaceful and quiet at the same time

    Etobicoke is within Toronto city limits, so you will have access to all of the amenities of the large city. True, you may need to drive (or take an Uber) to get to them in comfort but they are minutes away. However, an Uber drive to downtown will cost you around $19 so you might want to explore other options as well. Namely, you can use the TTC route to the Bloor subway line which only takes around 10 minutes.

    woman sitting on bench
    Living in a wide-open area with great access to the city at large is what Etobicoke provides!

    But in return, you will be walking down wide streets and boulevards that are lined with trees. Everything looks straight out of a movie set. There are no huge crowds and you can enjoy the scenery in peace. As soon as Movers Toronto bring in your belongings, you can go on a walk and “recharge your batteries”. And there are many great routes for you to take, with great views.

    4. There are tons of new condos

    The housing situation is great in Etobicoke, there are new condos being built constantly. That means that the real estate market has some great opportunities for new homeowners. All of these new condos come fully equipped with modern conveniences such as dog washing stations and gyms. Of course, many of the buildings include their own private pools.

    5. Another reason to move to Etobicoke – Great place to start a family in

    For all the reasons above, raising a family in this suburb is a great experience. Your children will be able to play outdoors without much worry for their safety, and they will have plenty of space to do so. The public schools are great which means that your kids will not need to drive to another part of the city for their education. The community is family-oriented, as well, and hosts many events specifically targeting families with children.

    a couple with two kids, family photo
    Etobicoke will allow you to raise your family in comfort!

    About Etobicoke

    The suburb of Etobicoke used to be its own city back in the day. It is now annexed by Toronto, becoming a suburb. That means that all the amenities you expect from a city are still there. But there are new ones built constantly. For example, Valhalla Town Square promises to bring many new opportunities for residents, from new apartments to luxurious shops. But even with all the new additions, it is a peaceful and spacious place to live. You will be far away from the crowds of the big city but close enough to take advantage of all the prospects it offers.

    Hire a professional mover when relocating to Etobicoke!

    Relocating to this suburb may be the best move of your life. If you want to arrive at your new home with plenty of energy to spare, you will want to hire professional moving assistance. Just remember to book them early so you can guarantee your moving date. As far as reasons to move to Etobicoke go, the combination of low costs, safety, peace and quiet, and great opportunities is definitely in your favor. This suburb has everything you might want!


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