Should you hire Toronto pool table movers?

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    A pool table is different in numerous ways from any other piece of furniture. You may think you have what it takes to move one by yourself, but you would be wrong. Perhaps you are not even aware that there are moving companies specialized in pool tables. However, just like you would hire car shipping companies in Toronto, you also need to consider the possibility of hiring Toronto pool table movers. Here are all the reasons as to why you should hire Toronto pool table movers! 

    A black and white picture featuring a pool table, and a man holding a cue stick.
    If your pool table is of utmost importance to you and your family, you should hire Toronto pool table movers.

    Toronto pool table movers will do the job safely!

    As a layman, you might think that pool table moving is easy. All you have to do is take it to the moving truck, load it and then unload it upon arrival at your new destination. Right? Well, wrong, unfortunately. We here at High-Level Moving & Storage Toronto know that moving a pool table is anything but easy. Unlike you, pool table movers in Toronto know how to safely transport it from one point to another. Do you wonder what does the process of moving a pool table look like?

    Moving a pool table step #1 – An inspection

    The first thing that needs to be a done is a thorough inspection of your pool table by your movers. They will closely look for any problems that you might have missed, such as cracks in the wood. This close examination is essential since moving will only exacerbate any existing problems on your pool table. We can all agree that with all the important things to do after the move, the last thing you need is to worry about your beloved pool table.

    Moving a pool table step #2 – Disassembly

    The next step to moving a pool table in Toronto is the disassembly of its parts. Just like with closets, couches and other pieces of furniture, pool tables need to be entirely disassembled before the move. The best thing about hiring pool table movers is that they will do the job for you. And, as if that were not enough, they will also cover any potential damages during the relocation. That is without a doubt a good enough reason for hiring Toronto pool table movers! 

    Moving a pool table step #3 – Reassembly

    Naturally, after you take something apart, you have an obligation to put it back together. That is why the reassembly at the right location is the next step to moving a pool table. Your local movers in Toronto will know the easiest, and fastest, way to reassemble a pool table. Before you know it, you will be enjoying a game in your new home and with your dear friends!

    Moving a pool table step #4 – Levelling

    When it comes to pool tables, there is one thing more important than the cost and the quality, and that is the way the pool table is leveled. Unfortunately, only professionals can get the pool table properly re-leveled after relocation. Luckily, after your pool table is re-leveled in your new home it`s time to enjoy and play a game! This is the last step of your Toronto pool table relocation.

    Men behind an orange pool table. Toronto pool table movers can easily relocate any type of pool table.
    You will forever thank your Toronto pool table movers for getting the job done quickly!

    What do you need to consider when moving a pool table?

    As we have already mentioned, the only way of having a stress-free move if you own a pool table is to hire professionals! However, there are some things you need to take into consideration before sealing the deal. Try to remember the following pieces of information:

    • The weight of the table. The final cost of the move always depends on the weight of the cargo you are transporting. Your Toronto pool table movers will cost more if you own a heavy one.
    • The path on which your movers will relocate your pool table. Try to avoid the one with stairs.
    • The distance of the move. Long distance relocations are more expensive than local ones. You need to get a precise moving quote and plan your budget accordingly.

    Always remember that planning ahead of time is the key to success. You are guaranteed to have a much smoother relocation if you plan everything in due time! Last minute moves should be avoided at all costs.

    A notebook used for planning and a person holding a pen that is about to write in it.
    Make a timely plan and stick to it!

    How to hire cheap, yet reliable Toronto pool table movers?

    There are a lot of people, newspaper articles and TV ads warning us that cheap moving companies are usually fraudulent. This can undeniably be true. However, this statement does not apply to all affordable moving companies. Sure, you always need to be on the lookout for red flags, such as unregistered vehicles. But, if you do a background check, and your potential moving company turns out legitimate, consider yourself lucky! So, how can you find these aforementioned cheap and reliable pool table movers in Toronto? 

    Ask around

    If you are looking for pool table movers, one good place to find them is at local billiards clubs. After all, you all share the same passion! Someone must have dealt with pool table moving in the past, therefore, you might hear about good companies there.

    Check online

    Of course, these days we rely on the Internet to do just about anything for us. Surely it must be able to find reputable Toronto pool table movers in our vicinity. While this might be true, you need to be careful with online searches. Not everything you read on the Internet is true!

    A man holding a cup of coffee and working on his laptop.
    Be careful when conducting an online search, as you might come across false information!

    We hope we were able to give you all necessary pieces of information when it comes to pool table moving. And, in this case, there is a clear winner in the DIY move vs. hiring movers battle. You should always hire Toronto pool table movers if you want to transport your priceless pool table safely. 


    Movers Toronto were our movers. They were on time, fast, saved us a lot of money and were very careful and respectful. My wife and I have used a lot of moving companies over the years and believe me, these guys are not only the best value out there, you can trust them.

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