Step-by-step to hiring local movers

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    If you are planning on moving to Toronto, you are in for a serious undertaking. No move is easy and simple and things can get overwhelming. However, if you want to have a stress free move your best choice is to hire local movers in Toronto to help you. Hiring local movers is the best decision you can make. Movers are experienced experts who know what they are doing. A move is going to be a less overwhelming and stressful experience with their help. But, how do you hire the right movers? We are here to help you and give you some step-by-step hints for hiring local movers in Toronto.

    How to go about hiring local movers

    So if you are hiring local movers there are certain steps you should take. There are many movers and packers from Toronto that are waiting for you to hire them. And you will need a help of a good mover, believe us. So how do you go about hiring local movers? Well, first of all, you should ask for recommendations and advice. You can ask friends and family if they have experience with a good moving company. They might give you some useful advice on which companies to hire and which to avoid.

    advice - hiring local movers
    Ask your friends and family for advice when hiring local movers

    Ask your real estate agent for advice

    There is someone who can help you choose the best company. This person is your local real estate agent. They already work with a lot of moving companies. They know which ones have positive reviews and which ones have a negative reputation. You might get expert advice from them. You might also check the local phone book in search for moving companies. The ones you find here have a good reputation and a long tradition. That means that they are experienced.

    Do a careful online search

    It is a good idea to do a careful online search when hiring local movers. Just type ‘moving company’ and the name of your city. Never reveal any personal information.

    • If some sites say they can find movers for you, that might be a fraud. Avoid these sites.
    • It is also a good idea to avoid people who claim to be moving brokers. They are not legally responsible if they scam you. The best idea is to contact a moving company yourself.
    online search - hiring local movers
    Do a thorough online search when hiring local movers

    Time to research the moving companies

    By this point, you have your candidates. You should have three or four potential choices. It is now time to research them.

    • First of all, check for reviews online. Type the name of the company online and you will find some reviews. Check if they have some negative reviews or comments.
    • Visit the website of the company. Check if they have their full address and contact information. Check for testimonials from other clients and check their comments as well.
    • You can ask about licenses. Ask them you show you documents and papers. Your Toronto professionals for small moves should be licensed and have a legal business.
    • In addition, consider how the company treats you during communication. When hiring local movers make sure they are polite and communicative.

    Estimate the price before hiring local movers

    When you call the company you should ask if they provide an on-site estimate. It is important to know all of the details concerning the price of their services. You have to know how much your move will cost. What exactly is an on-site estimate? Well, it is when the company sends someone to visit your home. This employee should check your home. He should also check the things that the company will move. After a thorough examination, the employee should give you an estimate on how much the move should cost. You can choose between a binding and a non-binding estimate. However, it is always better to choose the binding estimate because the price of the services is fixed. A non-binding one can allow the company to be more flexible when charging for their services. This is not a good choice for you.

    on-site estimate - hiring local movers
    Ask for an on-site estimate when hiring local movers

    Always ask about extra charges

    Sometimes there will be some extra charges during the move. Ask about these important things. The moving company should be transparent and disclose the prices of all of these extra fees. For example, they might charge extra for additional packing supplies. Some extra charges include moving special or very heavy items.

    Ask if you can get reimbursed

    Sometimes not everything goes smoothly during a move. Some items can get damaged and that could be the fault of your movers. Ask the moving company if you will get reimbursed in case of damage. In addition, be sure to ask them about the valuation or liability. You should know how much they will owe you if they damage your belongings. The company will offer more valuation services, and you should choose one. A good and comprehensive plan will make the company take all of the responsibility. According to this plan, the movers will have to pay for, repair or replace everything that gets damaged. This plan might be a little bit more expensive, but it is worth every penny. If you have things that are especially valuable, make a list and include them in the agreement.

    Ask them about the insurance and reimbursement

    Be careful with estimates that seem too low

    If an estimate seems to be too low you should start doubting it. If one of the companies gives an estimate that is much lower than the estimates of the other companies, something might be wrong. Do not accept the deal without doing a thorough research first. They might be dishonest. Maybe this is a scam or they are not going to be so careful with your belongings. Maybe it means that they will provide a bad service at a low price. So here you have a step-by-step guide to hiring a local moving company. Just remember to be careful when you do your research and good luck with your move.


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