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Keep your belongings safe for a short or longer period of time in our secure and clean storage units in Toronto.

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    There are numerous uses for a storage unit. From making a relocation easier on yourself, to freeing up your home from unnecessary clutter. And everything in between. In a city such as Toronto, living space is at a premium, and people might not be able to fit all of the things they wish to keep inside. They turn to one of the storage units Toronto has to offer for that. And Movers Toronto offers an unparalleled selection of all types of units. Whether you are looking for climate controlled storage Toronto, a warehousing solution, or a simple self-storage unit, we’ve got you covered! Contact us today, and let us know what your needs are. We will help you choose an optimal storage solution for your purposes!

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    Storage services that will leave you amazed and with peace of mind.  

    We are a team of experienced and reliable moving & storage Toronto experts

    We live in a time where storage has become a necessity. The fact is that we tend to hold on to material belongings for a good deal of reasons. Sometimes it’s a memory from a loved one, at other times stuff we believe will prove useful someday. And at other times, it’s a matter of not having enough space in our home or place of business. No matter what the reason, one thing is certain – you need a safe place to keep those valuables. Our storage Toronto is the best solution for you! We offer unique storage services that will not only keep your belongings safe from harm but will also make sure that they are available to you once you find room for them.

    But we are also a full-service moving company. Apart from storage, we offer a wide variety of services that you might find useful. We implore you to learn more about us, and what we can do for you, as it might be of further assistance. We are there for all of your storage and relocation needs and are able to formulate creative solutions to many problems. As we are one of the leading experts in the city, our advice might come in handy!

    Storage services that all of Toronto recommends

    As far as storage facilities in Toronto go, you will find that Movers Toronto’s storage services are more than ideal. We take great pride in ensuring the safety and security of your items. So, no matter what you want our local moving experts in Toronto to store for you, we can accommodate it. We will make sure that everything is packed and transported safely to the storage unit nearest and most accessible to you.

    And once you are ready to retrieve the belongings from us, we will be more than glad to arrange for transportation to your new residence. It is a service that our customers really appreciate, which you can see in our reviews. We aim to provide our clients with complete satisfaction and will often go “beyond the call of duty” to ensure it. With us, you can be sure that any storage problems, if they occur in the first place, will be handled swiftly and to your benefit.

    We are offering affordable storage units in Toronto and the wider area

    But the main thing that interests most people is how affordable our storage Toronto is? That actually depends on the location, but we have a selection of units for each pocket. Of course, the closer you get to the “prime” locations, the higher the cost becomes. But if you only want to store some of your items, regardless of the location, we have some really affordable units for you to choose from. And, of course, everything in between. With us, you always have a choice.

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    Large living room’s worth of furniture to pack and transport? Not a problem for Movers Toronto.

    Our moving crew will safely disassemble and reassemble your furniture and other possessions before and after storing

    Before you can safely store your furniture in one of our storage units Toronto, you will need to prepare it accordingly. Our team can do this for you. We use top-quality moving supplies for the job, ensuring complete safety for your items before, during, and after transportation. You can be sure that once you retrieve the item from storage, it is going to be in the same condition as when it arrived there.

    Choose climate-controlled storage units to protect sensitive items

    If you have particularly sensitive items to store in one of the storage Toronto units, you may want to consider the safest solution. We can offer various climate controlled storage Toronto units for this purpose. They will ensure that the safety of your items is not compromised even for a second. By regulating the humidity, these state-of-the-art units allow unrivaled protection to the items within. However, most items are not really all that susceptible to a small amount of humidity.

    But do you need it?

    It is in your best interest to carefully consider whether you need a climate-controlled unit in the first place. We will never sell you on a unit that you don’t actually require. That is not what we do. But the option is there if you do end up needing it. Just make sure to request a free estimate beforehand, so you are aware of the associated costs. The online storage estimate is pinpoint accurate, and you will have all the information you need within minutes.

    We also offer a wide spectrum of moving services suitable for any type of relocation

    As mentioned previously, we are also a full-service moving company. Here are some of the services that you can expect from us:

    But that is not everything that we are capable of, of course. There are many other moving services that we can render, that are a lot more specific and situation-dependant. If you feel like you need a specific service, feel free to ask us about it. Most of the time, we will be able to provide exactly what you require!

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    We are able to provide you with anything your relocation might require!

    Special moving services you can expect

    Furthermore, there are several “special” services in our “repertoire”. They include:

    As you can see, we are pretty versatile. Combine that with our impeccable storage services, and you get a winning combination! We aim to be your one-stop-shop for everything that concerns relocating an item, and storing it, from point A to B.

    Contact Movers Toronto today for all your storage needs!

    But when it comes to storage units Toronto, our selection, knowledge, and expertise are unrivaled. Contact us today if you are in need of a particular unit, or simply wish to know more about them and the involving process. Movers Toronto representatives will be more than happy to answer all of your questions! 


    Movers Toronto were our movers. They were on time, fast, saved us a lot of money and were very careful and respectful. My wife and I have used a lot of moving companies over the years and believe me, these guys are not only the best value out there, you can trust them.

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