Storage size guide – choosing the right one

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    It can be stressful when you have a lot of things you don’t have space for. When moving away, you will end up buying new furniture and decorations and you won’t know what do to with the old ones. Well, the best option is to ask moving companies for storage solutions. Depending on your needs, find a storage size guide so you know which option you will choose. There are many types of storage, so try to choose the right one for your belongings.

    Packed cardboard box on the bed with suitcases.
    First, pack your belongings to see how many things you have and then find a storage size guide to make a better choice.

    Storage size guide – what sizes are there?

    Before your long distance movers relocate you into your new home, you will have to pack. When you do that, you should put aside boxes meant for storage and other belongings. Try to figure out how much space you will need approximately for all the things to fit in and to still have some space. With a storage size guide, you can easily figure out which one is perfect for you. After deciding, the only thing left to do is to ask your movers whether they offer that precise storage. Sizes of storage vary from 25 up to 300 square feet. So, let’s see all options!

    • 5×5 – This is the smallest storage unit you can find. Size is similar to a small coat closet. If you don’t have that many things, then this is perfect for you.
    • 5×10 – Size is comparable to a smaller walk-in closet. If you have smaller pieces of furniture, you know what to choose.
    • 5×10 – Big enough to store a one-bedroom apartment.
    • 10×10 – This size is the most popular and common one.
    • 10×15 – Here you would be able to store all furniture and things of a small house.
    • 10×20 – Similar size to a garage for one car. Pretty much big.
    • 10×30 – The largest size. Big enough to store a four-bedroom house.

    How to prepare things for storage

    Once you have found fitting storage services Toronto is offering, preparing starts. You need to prepare your belongings before storing them. Clean them properly and dry them. Separate them by rooms or however you prefer. Bubble wrap each item. If you have wooden furniture use cover blankets to cover them. Label each box before storing and put them in order. Remember that is better to have some free space in the storage for fresh air to flow around. That’s the reason why you need to check out the storage size guide, so you are prepared in advance.

    Storage unit with multiple storages in a row with red doors.
    Secure your storage with a lock and ask if there are cameras, just in case!

    Other options

    If you are not someone willing to search up: moving companies near me in addition to find a storage solution, then you should consider other options.

    You can always, for instance, gift your belongings to someone. If you want to earn some money, you can make a small auction or try selling things online. Find a suitable online selling platform and start posting your offer.

    But remember that when you store your belongings, you can always have them if you need them again. So in that case, a storage solution is a better idea. Look up the storage size guide and find your perfect spot!


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