The best Halloween events in Toronto 2021

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    Finally, October has arrived! And there is a Halloween that we have all been anticipating. If you are planning to move during this period, keep on reading! Because the stress of relocation can be relieved. And the Toronto movers suggest doing so by visiting the best Halloween events in Toronto 2021. However, massive Halloween events are not feasible this year due to pandemic reasons. But the spooky season is certainly a lot more popular than it was last year. Of course, restaurants, clubs, and concert venues are open with capacity restrictions. Hence there are fewer concerts and parties happening. In addition to the usual haunted houses and outdoor walks. Also, the massive haunted walks and horror scream parks have moved the scares outdoors. While the indoor haunted house offerings are physically distanced.

    Toronto in autumn

    If you are thinking about moving to Toronto and also visiting some of the best Halloween events then this is the right place for you! And it doesn’t have to be expensive. For instance, cheap movers can achieve a relocation on a budget! But let’s get to this city and interesting events. Living in Toronto is like in any big city. There are many different neighborhoods. Hence you can find many different events here. You will definitely enjoy Halloween here! There are few family-friendly drive-in events. The actors are dressed as Stephen King characters. Also, there are animatronic ghouls. Here we will talk about the best Halloween events happening in Toronto this year.

    Amazing Halloween events in Toronto 2021

    Let’s see what some of the best Halloween events this year! We recommend you visit:

    • The Eatonville Farmhouse séance
    • Workshop
    • Halloween Haunt
    • Screamers
    • Legends Of Horror

    Remember that there are many reasons to visit Toronto at this time of year! And also relocate to this wonderful city. Even if you need to relocate your office. In that case, you can count on the office moving companies in Toronto to help you.

    Woman cutting the pumpkin for Halloween
    Make sure to visit some of the best Halloween events in Toronto 2021

    The Eatonville Farmhouse séance

    For almost five years, all of the tickets are sold out for this event. And The Eatonville Farmhouse Seance is happening this Halloween too! You can experience undeniable fear in an authentic Victorian Séance at one of Toronto’s last remaining Victorian-era farmhouses. This exciting experience is not intended for those who have a weak heart. Remember that this event is restricted to the 18+ age. This Victorian Séance is happening since 2015. And since then, the tickets have been 100% sold out. Here you can enter the small Séance group size. Because of that, the organizer can make it the most interactive and exclusive experience. So, don’t skip this spine-chilling and engaging psychological experience. Be fast because the tickets sell fast! Also, even the most of moving companies in Etobicoke are recommending this event!

    There are many workshops during the Halloween period

    For instance you go to Halloween melt and pour soap making workshop. It is a fun evening of making your own Halloween figures soaps! An excellent class for adults and kids. This can be especially interesting if you are a fan of DIY tasks. You can make soap using the melt and pour technique. With no lye or chemicals involved. So you can make a perfect gift for anyone! Or you can even get inspired to start your own business. You can also gather your friends and family together for a creative evening. Or you can even make new friends. And do so while learning a new craft. All of the materials are provided. Be sure to book in advance. And reserve your materials for shipping. Or a local curbside pick-up. Remember that DIY Kit includes pre-measured ingredients. And also reusable silicone molds.

    Halloween figures around the white area
    You can make many Halloween figures in the workshops

    Halloween hunt is one of the best Halloween events in Toronto 2021

    Of course, you shouldn’t miss the famous Halloween hunt! This can be fun both for adults and kids. It is a massive theme park. You can see that the north of the city turns into a scream park. And, more importantly there is a variety of things to do! But remember that all the indoor scares have moved outside due to pandemic protocols. Additionally, there are more rides to choose from! Beside Canada’s Wonderland’s usual rides, there are many more haunted attractions. Such as horror walks, live music, freak show performances, and comedy shows! This event is quite popular. Many long-distance moving companies in Toronto know that people who move to Toronto during this period have a lot of fun. 


    Screamers is an event with a long tradition in Toronto! This Halloween it is the 28th year since the beginning of this occasion! Currently this scream park is moved to a larger space in Vaughan. Hence there’s plenty of room for its many performers! There are 120 performers. And due to restrictions, they can easy remain physically distanced. You can also find an outdoor maze. It is placed under a 15,000-square-foot open tent. So rain doesn’t scare away the visitors. You can also find there many midway rides, food trucks and stage shows.

    Legends Of Horror is another event to attend

    If you are a big fan of haunted houses, than you can’t miss this! Because this place took horror to another level! Actually, this haunted house is famous in Toronto. It is described in the manner of famous horror stories writers. Thus it is said that it is more like Edgar Allan Poe. And H.P. Lovecraft than Eli Roth. You can walk through the castle grounds and subterranean corridors too. Those are mixed with live performers. With greatly designed animatronic frights. You can also find here a bar and lounge area.

    Haunted house in the night
    Visit the Haunted house and enjoy the decorations inspired by Legends of Horror

    Black Lagoon

    Black Lagoon is a famous bar. And now it is ready for Halloween. Because it is a Halloween-themed pop-up bar. It is aimed at horror.  This year it offers night shows with immersive decor and a mysterious back-room. In addition to a selection of over-the-top cocktails.

    These are just some of The best Halloween events in Toronto 2021. Make sure to visit them and enjoy Halloween this year.


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