The most dog-friendly places in Toronto

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    It is a great privilege to explore your new city with your best friend. If you are about to move to Toronto and feel eager to start sightseeing, you should be happy to hear that you can do it with your four-legged friend. Bringing your dog with you while discovering some great places will be a blast, as there are plenty of dog-friendly places in Toronto. We are going to let you in on all the famous places you can go with your dog. Schedule your moving day with your movers Scarborough and set this relocation adventure in motion. Both you and your pet are about to enjoy some new and exciting experiences.

    Where should you go with your dog when in Toronto?

    If you plan to move to Toronto in the near future, you should be glad to hear it is a great place to be a dog owner. There are many dog-friendly places in Toronto. Once you settle in your new house and wave goodby to your local movers Toronto, you can start exploring the city with your dog by your side. Whether you like to go on long walks or you want to enjoy a cup of coffee, you will be able to find a dog-friendly spot. Here are our picks of some famous dog-friendly places here in the city:

    • High Park
    • Toronto Island park
    • The Dog Beach
    • Woofstock

    Besides these Toronto favorites, you can also have a coffee at dog-friendly cafes and patios around the city. That way, both you and your pet can enjoy some downtime.

    High Park - one of the many dog-friendly places in Toronto
    High Park is possibly the most dog-friendly place in Toronto

    High Park is a great place to go for a walk

    The park is located in the heart of the city, and it is famous for its cherry blossom trees. Once you relocate to Toronto, make sure to visit High Park as one of your first stops. Hopefully, you and your pet will have a pleasant experience of moving to Toronto. Even if you hire the best moving companies Toronto can offer and do have a successful move, a walk in the park after a long moving day, it’s just what you need. High Park has beautiful hiking trails and an area where your dog can roam leash-free. It is breathtaking in the spring and quite enjoyable for both dog and owner.

    Toronto Island Park is a fun place to visit with your dog

    If you did not know that Toronto has an island, now you are aware of that too. Toronto Island Park is part of the city’s park system and offers trails, beaches, and amusement rides for children. It even has a small zoo. You can take a ferry to go over to the islands. Of course, you are welcome to bring your dog on the ferry but must keep him on a leash the whole time. Once you hop off the ferry, you can enjoy the islands and find designated areas for your dog to take the leash off. Otherwise, you can enjoy playing on the beach or visit a farm and make some great memories.

    toronto islands
    You can enjoy quite a view of Toronto if you visit Toronto Island by ferry

    Make sure you don’t miss a visit to The Dog Beach

    Talking about dog-friendly places in Toronto, you should not miss taking your beloved pet to The Dog Beach. There is a nice off-leash area on the beach where you can let your pup roam in the water. It can swim in the water and play in the sand. The water is suitable for swimming, so you might even join your dog and have a few splashes. The area is fenced, and dogs welcome to play free. Besides the sandy beach, there is also a green area, and the Toronto skyline view is beautiful. Definitely, a must-see place to visit with your animal best friend.

    Woofstock is a perfect event for pet lovers

    When you were researching the city before your relocation, you surely came across Woofstock. It is the largest dog festival in the whole of North America, and it happens in Toronto. Thousands of dog lovers and dogs come to the festival to enjoy the exhibitions, events, and various activities. If you don’t wish to compete with your dog, you are welcome to be a spectator and have fun while being comfortable around like-minded people and their pets.

    woman with two dogs
    There are plenty of places in Toronto dog lovers can visit with their four-legged friends

    There are plenty of other dog-friendly places in Toronto

    Besides taking your dog on festivals, events, and hikes through the park, you can relax and enjoy a drink. Enjoy the drink together with your four-legged friends. There are many drog friendly cafes and tap houses. If you are a morning type, make sure to have your first coffee in Dogs and Cofee café. In addition to great coffee, you can buy your dog a new collar or some treats. Other great places to enjoy a drink with a dog are numerous café and restaurant patios across the city. As dogs are not allowed in restaurants, there are several places that do allow pets in their patios.

    Toronto is a great place to be a dog owner

    If you are still exploring the decision to come live in Toronto, rest assured that moving out here would suit your dog. It is entirely normal to feel indecisive about the relocation as it is stressful for both you and your pet. To ease the stress levels, you should think about hiring last minute movers Toronto and get the necessary assistance. Moving with a dog is not the same as moving alone. You should have trained professionals take care of all the little details while researching dog-friendly places in Toronto and looking forward to exploring life in a new city. Think about the summer in the city and how you will be enjoying the numerous patios with your best friend.


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