Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies

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    Deciding to move is just the first step in a very long and time-consuming process. However, all the work and trouble you put into your relocation will be well worth it in the end. That is, it will be unless you end up dealing with fraudulent moving companies which is the last thing you need. As qualified and licensed movers, we here at Movers Toronto can provide all of our customers with safe and reliable services. But we are fully aware that there are many other companies on the market that don’t have the same intention. That’s why we want to protect you by sharing some tips that will help you avoid fraudulent movers altogether.

    Know what a moving scam is

    How can you learn how to avoid a possibly dangerous situation unless you know what you are running away from? Thus, the first step is always learning where the danger lurks. In this instance, you need to learn what a moving scam is and all the forms it can have.

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    Learn how to protect yourself and your belongings during your upcoming relocation.

    Let’s start by saying that there are many cheap moving companies Toronto that can provide you with reliable and high-quality services. So you don’t have to compromise on quality in order to get an affordable moving price. However, if you encounter a company that provides you with a quote that’s much lower than the ones you have received from dozens of other companies, then you can rest assured that you have encountered a fraudulent mover. Their attention is to attract you with a low-ball quote that will come with plenty of hidden fees.

    Apart from being scammed into what you think will be an affordable move, fraudulent movers can also damage or steal your belongings. There are many movers who dare to hold the possessions of their customers into their custody, demanding ransom money. You have to admit that this would be the absolute worst scenario. But worry not. As reliable Etobicoke movers, we have all the tools to help you prevent anything bad from happening. There are a few things you should do when you encounter moving fraud.

    Tell-tale signs that you have bumped into fraudulent movers

    Sometimes, it really can be difficult to make that distinction between fraudulent movers and top-notch last minute movers. However, just because something is difficult doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. There will always be some signs that should serve as a warning about the upcoming moving fraud. For obvious reasons, learning how to spot these signs before signing any contract can mean the difference between a safe move and a horrible moving experience.

    A red warning sign signifying fraudulent moving companies.
    Stop as soon as you notice any of these signs.
    • Beware of the aforementioned low-ball moving estimates. Reliable movers usually respect their movers and Toronto moving services. Don’t opt for a company that is radically cheaper than the competition.
    • You can’t get an in-home price estimate. Good movers will give you the option of deciding between an online moving estimate or an in-person quote. If your movers refuse to come to your household, chances are they are planning to scam you.
    • Fraudulent movers will oftentimes ask for a large deposit. Don’t get us wrong. Most moving companies will usually request some amount as a deposit. But that amount should be within the normal range.
    • You will notice that the representatives of fraudulent moving companies are usually hesitant to answer all of your questions. That’s either due to the fact that they don’t know much about the business or aren’t even interested in catering to your needs.
    • Licensed moving companies have a federal motor carrier number or a USDOT number. So if a company that you are thinking about hiring doesn’t have one, don’t hesitate to expand your search.

    It’s very important that you listen to your instincts. Bear in mind that it’s perfectly okay that you ask your movers a bunch of questions when trying to establish whether they are fraudulent or not. Honest movers won’t mind being patient and providing you with the answers you seek.

    How to deal with fraudulent moving companies

    If you have already made the mistake and gotten involved with a fraudulent moving company, then you have a couple of options. For starters, you can try to reason with the company. Call their office and try to get a precise answer to your problems. Unfortunately, this approach rarely works, as fraudulent movers wouldn’t be fraudulent if they were able to make deals with their customers. That’s why you’ll have to resort to action number two – contacting the local police department. 

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    Your local police department will be able to help you deal with a fraudulent moving company.

    Make no mistake – usually, the actions of your movers are against the law. That’s why you’ll have good grounds if you want to file a lawsuit against your movers. Another action you can take is calling the local media and reporting the story. Sure, the local newspaper isn’t going to be able to help you deal with your existing problem, but they can do a lot when it comes to preventing moving scams. After all, they might successfully pressure the company that’s holding your possessions captive so you might be able to solve the problem.

    The bottom line

    These days, there are a lot of fraudulent moving companies that you might encounter. The important thing is learning how to recognize the red flags and keeping yourself out of trouble. Unfortunately, almost everyone knows someone who has been a victim of moving fraud. If there is such a person in your vicinity, then you most certainly understand how bad it can get. That’s why you need to do your job and find the best local movers in Toronto. If you really put your energy into the process of finding a reliable moving team, you shouldn’t have any problems finding moving success during your upcoming endeavor.


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