Tips for hiring hot tub movers in Toronto

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    First of all, if you are reading this article, that means you are a proud owner of a hot tub. It is needless to say we envy you. Secondly, those of you reading this article are in a bit of a trouble, as well. It means you are going to deal with a relocation in the near future, and have no idea how to transport your beloved hot tub. Do not worry! While finding decent hot tub movers in Toronto is difficult, it is far from impossible. Stay tuned, because we are about to give you all the necessary info you need before, during and after hiring Toronto movers who specialize in this tricky field of expertize.

    A hot tub in the garden requires hiring hot tub movers in Toronto for your relocation.
    Hot tub movers in Toronto will, unlike regular people, have an easy time transporting it to a different location.

    Why should you hire hot tub movers in Toronto?

    First things first, let`s start by explaining why it is wise to hire professional hot tub movers from Toronto. Let us first ask you this: If you had to relocate your office, what would you do? You would, without a doubt, hire office movers from Toronto to handle your move. The same goes for hot tubs and other bulky items, such as pianos and pool tables. There is a good reason why the majority of the movers offer the above-listed items as their specialties.

    We know that the price of this service might steer you in the other direction. The direction where you try to take on this challenge all by yourself. It cannot be denied that having your hot tub moved by Toronto professionals is not cheap. However, there are some reasons as to why you should do it. We will let you be the judge whether it is worth it paying the extra money.

    • Hot tub movers in Toronto have enough employees to physically move a hot tub.
    • In a lot of cases, hot tubs require special disassembly and reassembly, which is something professionals are trained to do.
    • Moving companies cover all the potential damages to both your home and hot tub.

    Trust us, with all of the important things to do after the move, as well as before it, the last thing you need is to worry about your hot tub. Especially when there is an easy way to get a peace of mind by hiring Toronto movers specialized in hot tub moving.

    Moving a hot tub is a risky venture!

    There are so many things that can go wrong when moving a hot tub. Did we mention that hot tubs weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds? Can you imagine the force it takes to lift such a heavy item? Besides health risks, which are obvious, there is also a potential financial risk. If you attempt to move a hot tub by yourself and fail, you are the only one responsible for the damage. While, on the other hand, hot tub movers in Toronto have all the necessary tools; they will take care of your precious possession safely and efficiently. Moreover, it is our opinion that you should hire Toronto professionals for even the smallest of moves, let alone a transfer this hard and dangerous.

    A sketch of an ambulance vehicle. If you want to avoid ending up in one, hire hot tub movers in Toronto.
    You are potentially setting yourself up for a lot of pain if you attempt to move a hot tub by yourself.

    Hot tub movers in Toronto have the necessary equipment!

    Oh, yes. There is a lot of equipment you need if you want to move a hot tub. Instead of running around town days before your move in an attempt to collect everything you need, why not simply hire professionals who offer hot tub moves among their moving services? Instead, listen to this process and tell us it does not sound better!

    • Toronto hot tub movers will make an in-home visit before the move, and give you a written estimate.
    • On the day of the move, they will come with protective materials that are needed, such as floor coverings and moving pads.
    • Moreover, they come equipped with the tools necessary for transporting a hot tub, such as dollies and straps.

    Trust us, the extra money you spend on this service will be well worth it. It will pay off the minute you realize you don`t have to take part in carrying a 1000 pounds heavy item.

    A notebook with a pen in it.
    Hot tub movers in Toronto will come to your house well before the move; they will give you an in-house written estimate of the costs.

    Tips for a DIY hot tub move

    If for one reason or another, you decide to try and relocate a hot tub by yourself, we will not leave you stranded. Here are some things you should know when attempting a DIY hot tub relocation.

    • Make sure to get 4 wheeled dollies, 4×4 wood or pallets, straps and protective gear.
    • Figure out how you are going to wheel the hot tub to the truck once you get it on the dollies. You can find help on YouTube, as there are many videos that deal with hot tub relocation.
    • Do not forget to drain the hot tub of all the water. Be particularly aware of this if you are moving during the winter when the water is prone to freezing.
    • Learn how to disassemble and reassemble the hot tub. Like we mentioned, sometimes the only way to move a hot tub is to take it apart and put it back together in a new location.
    • Figure out the logistics of your move. What will you do if there is only a small space for you to fit your hot tub? If you are having a last-minute move, refrain from trying to have a DIY hot tub relocation.
    A hammer and nails.
    Don`t expect an easy and smooth hot tub DIY relocation.

    To conclude, we would like to say we hope that whether you hire hot tub movers in Toronto, or have a DIY relocation, you will have a nice moving experience. It will all be worth it the moment you lie in your hot tub in the new residence. Enjoy your Toronto moving adventure!


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