Tips for packing your artwork for storage

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    Moving is sometimes a difficult process, especially if you have a lot of artwork. Packing your artwork for storage is really a detailed job, and you have to know what you are doing. In order to prevent damage to your beloved paintings and sculptures. Moving companies Scarborough residents gladly recommend can help you in that process. They will make sure that your artwork is safely packed for storage. But if you want to do it on your own, here are some tips and tricks.

    Choose the right supplies when packing your artwork for storage

    This is very important when it comes to your artwork. If you want to do it on your own, you have to get the right packing supplies. If you are not sure or skilled to do this, then you should check a moving company Toronto has. And they will provide the right material, and pack your artwork securely so it won’t get damaged.

    Person holding a bubble bag.
    Make sure to get bubble bags.

    You will also need the following materials if you want to do it by yourself:

    • Bubble bags are essential if you want to pack your artwork for storage
    • Blue painter’s tape
    • Glassine paper
    • Packing paper
    • Tape
    • Packing peanuts

    In case you are preparing your framed art for storage, you should get mirror boxes also known as art boxes. They should be a few inches bigger on all sides than your frames. That way, you will have enough room to additionally pad the box for more protection. If you have framed art that is covered by glass in the frame, you should first protect the glass. Blue painter’s tape will do the job in this case. Place a big X on the glass. Both strips of tape should run from one corner of the glass to the opposite one without touching the frame. This way the glass won’t shatter.

    Pack your artwork the right way

    You can prepare the box in which you will store it. Fill the box with packing paper first, then lower the artwork in the box. Fill all the left space with packing paper to additionally secure it. You can always hire professional packing services if you are not having the time for this. Make sure to label your artwork boxes so you or your movers will know how to deal with them. The boxes should always stand on the side, never flat and one on another!

    Storage units.
    Your storage unit for artwork must have climate control.

    The storage you choose for your artwork is very important since you want to keep them in one piece. You should check for storage services in your city. When choosing storage for your artwork, be sure that it has climate control to maintain a steady temperature and humidity levels. If you have a very valuable art collection, you should store it at a dedicated art storage facility.

    Packing your artwork for storage can be very delicate if you are doing it on your own. Make sure that your artwork is well-packed, and stored in a climate control room or storage. Your reliable movers will help you with the transportation to your storage or new home. So you can afterward use it whenever you have the need for it.


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