Tips when signing a moving contract

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    Planning a move by yourself is always an option. However, if you are looking for someone to give you a helping hand, it better be trained professionals. Hiring one of the best moving companies East York has to offer could potentially be your best decision. Letting someone else take care of the whole moving process will give you more time for your family, work, or hobbies. Before you fully commit to one moving company, you should know what to expect when signing a moving contract. You should know about the terms and condition and the company, their reputation, and their equipment. Making sure everything is as it appears is a crucial part of doing business, so confirm this by following some of these tips.

    Check if your movers are insured and licensed

    The first thing on your agenda is checking whether you are dealing with professional movers who are licensed and insured. You don’t want to partner with the first moving company you call. There are plenty of moving services being offered online, so you want to make sure you find the right one.

    man expecting a handshake
    Never accept a handshake deal. Signing a moving contract is a must.

    Look among Toronto moving companies, check which of them is licensed, and have some insurance. You can inspect their license with the relevant authorities. If something unexpected happens to your belongings during transport, some insurance to cover the damages is a must-have. Your movers will, in most cases, be responsible for any potential damage during transportation. That is why you must be dealing with a legitimate company.

    Before signing a moving contract, ask around

    Chances are some of your friends or coworkers have used moving services or know someone who did. You can ask them about your moving company of choice. They might have relevant information or experiences to share. You can always start an online search for moving companies near me, but word of mouth will help in the final stage where you are about to sign a contract.

    Make sure your movers have a good reputation and positive customer reviews. That way, you will have more information when signing a moving contract. If you hear some not-so-positive things about your movers, be sure to contact them and raise your concerns. A good customer service representative will know how to answer your questions.

    A moving contract is a legally binding document

    To be able to sign a moving contract, you should be aware of what it entails. Shaking hands with the first mover that comes to your doorstep is never a good idea. You want to have a legally binding document. Keep this in mind when you start preparing for your next meeting or call with the movers. Ask them to provide you with a draft before signing a moving contract. You should read the draft and raise any questions.

    Person giving another person a pen to sign a contract
    You do not want to hire the first movers you find. Choosing your moving partner is a serious task

    If your moving company is legitimate, you can expect the papers to be in order, too. Your contract should have the following documents attached:

    • Moving estimate
    • Bill of Lading
    • Inventory list

    If you are missing one of these parts of the contract, contact your moving company and ask them about it.

    Moving estimates are an essential part of signing a moving contract

    Whether you are an individual seeking to relocate your entire home or a business owner seeking office movers Toronto, you should receive a moving estimate. All reliable moving companies will give you free on-site or virtual estimates.

    By looking at your moving quote, you will know how much will the relocation cost. It should include details on the labor costs, transport costs, packing materials, and other relevant expenses. The estimate can be a binding or a non-binding one. A binding estimate means that the total costs associated with your move are calculated after a thorough on-site inspection of your home. A non-binding estimate is more of an assumption of expenses based on the weight and the number of items you are moving.

    Bill of lading serves as your contract with a selected moving company

    If you are about to sign a moving contract, you should keep a close look and be sure your Bill of Lading contains all the necessary information:

    • Moving company details, address, contact, and license.
    • Your details, address, and contact information.
    • The origin and the destination of your move.
    • Pickup and delivery dates.
    • Costs and expenses associated with the move.
    • Payment options.
    • General terms and conditions.
    • Specific measures for dispute resolution.

    If you notice some of these items are missing in your contract, be sure to mention them to your moving company. They should be able to amend the Bill of Lading to depict your initial verbal agreement.

    man signing a moving contract
    A moving contract is a binding document

    The inventory list is a must-have file when moving

    Before moving day, you should do the packing and label all the boxes correctly. That will help you make an inventory list of your items. You can then compare yours with the inventory list your movers made. They should be exact because it means that the items listed are going into the moving truck. Without your inventory list, you cannot file for damages or prove that some items are missing. Hopefully, choosing reliable movers will prevent such things to happen in the first place. However, you want to be sure that all your documents are in order before signing a moving contract.

    You probably didn’t expect moving is about paperwork

    When people say moving is stressful; you unquestionably don’t imagine it is because of the paperwork. Still, there are more than a couple of documents that need to exchange hands for the move to be successful. Having to know about such documents is proper due diligence and nothing else. When signing a moving contract, always ensure you have done everything you could to confirm you are entering a business deal with legitimate professionals. It will cost you even more time and money if you aren’t.


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