Top 5 kid-friendly places in Toronto

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    If you are planning to relocate to Toronto with your family, you might want to know about some of the best places to have fun, beforehand. And to ensure that you have all the time and energy to visit these places, make sure to hire movers Downtown Toronto to assist you with your relocation! With our help, your relocation process is going to be smooth and efficient, so you will be able to enjoy your new home as soon as you get there! But if you are looking for some good ol’ fashioned family fun, we have prepared a list of our top 5 picks! From the amazing Legoland Discovery Centre to the Royal Ontario Museum, these kid-friendly places in Toronto will provide hours of fun!

    The most popular kid-friendly places in Toronto to visit!

    Without further ado, here is the list of our top five locations:

    1. Legoland Discovery Centre
    2. Science Centre Ontario
    3. Canada’s Wonderland
    4. Toronto Zoo
    5. Royal Ontario Museum

    Of course, Toronto is full of amazing places to have fun with your kids. However, we feel that the above list captures what is best about this great city. Similar to finding one of the best moving companies Toronto has for your move, doing more research can only help. You know your family the best, after all, and which places will capture their attention. That being said, every one of the locations on our list is a “classic” and is well worth visiting at least once. Let’s start with the:

    boy in a white shirt with legos glued to his face
    You are never too old for LEGO’s!

    1. Legoland Discovery Centre

    LDC is an indoor version of a LEGO theme park, which caters to families with small children. There are rides and themed play areas, as well as a 4D cinema and various shops. Basically, it’s loads of fun for every member of the family. LEGO’s are age-agnostic, after all, and there is something for everyone in this place. If you’ve hired cheap movers Toronto, you may have some extra cash on hand to surprise your kids (or yourself) with a LEGO set or two. The theme park can provide you with ideas on what to build next. Building LEGO’s with your kids is supremely satisfying, after all.

    However, you may want to reserve your ticket well ahead of time. This is a very popular destination and some time slots might require a reservation several days in advance.

    2. Science Centre Ontario

    But if your kids, or your family, are more science-oriented, there is no better place for you than the Ontario Science Centre. The exhibits, mostly hands-on, are so fun to use that you and your kids will be spending hours without realizing it. All the while learning something new! There are numerous biomes to explore, such as space and the rainforest. You can also learn a lot about the human body, as well, or take part in really fun physics experiments at the Science Arcade. There is an IMAX theatre that shows educational material and provides an extraordinary sensory experience.

    To be perfectly honest, this is not exactly a perfect place to bring a toddler into, although the light show from some of the exhibits is sure to be exciting. Also, you will not really need to reserve your visit, as the Science Centre is quite large. However, similarly to hiring last minute movers Toronto, you will want to at least check before you head out. That is a smart thing to do.

    carousel surrounded with trees
    You can find thrills for every age at Canada’s Wonderland!

    3 . Canada’s Wonderland

    Moving on, the next place on our list is Canada’s Wonderland. This is a perfect place for thrill-seekers and adventurers. The four famous rides – Psyclone, Behemoth, Riptide, and Leviathan are sure to get the heart-pounding, and provide loads of fun! For the younger kids, there is the Planet Snoopy and KidZville where the thrills are suited for their age. There is also various other entertainment, character greetings, etc. The only “issue” with this awesome theme park is that it is only open from May through October.

    It is one of the most popular attractions in the Greater Toronto Area. Your local movers Toronto can tell you all about it if you ask them. Practically everyone living in GTA has visited this park at least once.

    4. One of the best kid-friendly places in Toronto – Toronto Zoo

    The Zoo is always a great place to take your kids to since they get to experience the animals first-hand. The Toronto Zoo features more than six miles of walking trails, making it all but impossible to cover in a single day. This is great since that means you get to visit several times and always see something new! The whole zoo is stroller-friendly, so you can bring your youngest without any issues. Even if you forget to bring one, you can rent a stroller or a wagon at the Zoo itself!

    5. Royal Ontario Museum

    Lastly, if you and your family appreciate a bit of natural history and world culture, the Royal Ontario Museum is the place to be. It features more than 30 galleries at any given time, including exhibits from the Dinosaur and Mammal ages, the Gallery of Egypt, and many more. There are numerous family-friendly elements, as well, such as a discovery gallery and ROMkids programs. It is truly a place of wonder, even if your kids are not old enough to fully appreciate all the exhibits.

    plenty of people at the museum
    The ROM is a place of discovery and natural wonder.

    Other kid-friendly places in Toronto

    But there are many more places where you can have fun with your kids. In fact, Toronto is absolutely teeming with them. Here are some of the “bonus” suggestions that did not make our top 5 list:

    • The Ferry and Toronto Islands
    • Ripley’s Aquarium
    • CN Tower

    As far as kid-friendly places in Toronto go, these are our favorites. Make sure to give them a try at least once, you will definitely not regret it. And you will want to visit again soon enough, trust us on that.


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