Types of moving estimates to consider before the move

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    Relocations can be costly endeavors. Depending on the type of the relocation, and the distances involved, they might require you to save up several thousand dollars. That is why it is extremely important to know what you are going into before you sign any moving contracts. The way that you can do so is by acquiring so-called moving estimates. Now, there are a couple of different ones that you can procure. Best movers Toronto have prepared this article so you can easily distinguish between them. We are going to tell you all about the binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed estimates.

    Different types of moving estimates you should know about

    Here are the three main types of estimates that you can expect:

    • Non-binding estimate
    • Binding estimate
    • Binding not-to-exceed estimate

    You may have heard the term “moving quote”, as well. That is exactly the same as an estimate. Usually, a free moving quote is a non-binding estimate. An in-house quote is a binding estimate. If your Etobicoke movers use any other term, they will most likely coincide with one of these three estimates. But, regardless of the term, you need to know more about them.

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    Knowing your options is a good start.

    Non-binding estimate

    The first type of estimate is a non-binding one. As the name might indicate, there is nothing in this estimate that binds either party to it. What this means, in reality, is that it is just a piece of paper with some numbers on it, legally speaking.

    However, this estimate type is the easiest, and fastest, one to acquire. You are always going to want to acquire it first. Usually, you can get it over the phone or even online. But do note that local movers Toronto use this estimate only as a frame of reference for the total costs. That being said, even non-binding estimates can be spot-on if you are performing a local relocation, for example. But the more complicated a move gets, and when the distance increases, these estimates’ accuracy will fall off drastically.

    If you want to know exactly how much your relocation is going to cost, you are going to need to acquire a:

    Binding estimate

    Now, this is an estimate that legally binds both parties to it. It will include all of the moving costs and the exact amount you are going to need to pay at the end. Regardless of the circumstances. This last part is extremely important. The reasons why some relocations end up costing way more than initially projected are the circumstances that happen on a moving day.

    Perhaps your moving crew could not find a parking spot close-by and needed to use a shuttle service? Or the elevator suddenly broke down. Or any other issue that makes your move more difficult. It stands to reason that if you need more moving services, you end up paying more in the end. However, if you have a binding estimate in hand, all of that does not matter.

    You will be obligated to pay what’s on the estimate and not a dime more! That is why it is in your best interest to obtain one before you sign a moving contract. However, obtaining a binding estimate usually involves someone coming to your home and doing the estimations on the spot. This is something that you will need to schedule ahead of time. And if you are dealing with numerous moving companies, it might take quite a while until everything is over. It is always best to start early!

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    A binding estimate is a true contract. It binds both parties to its contents.

    Binding not-to-exceed estimate

    We saved the best estimate type for last. What we did not mention when speaking about binding estimates is what happens if, for example, the actual weight of your items ends up being higher, or lower, than estimated? The person weighing it could have made a mistake, after all, or there could be extenuating circumstances. Regardless of the reason, the moving day is here and the weights do not match. What is going to happen is the following: If the weight is lower, nothing happens. You still pay the amount indicated on the estimate. But if your shipment is heavier, you will need to pay the additional cost.

    That is why the binding not-to-exceed estimate is the best estimate type you can get your hands on. Not only will you not be required to pay more if the shipment ends up being weightier, but you will also pay less if it is lighter than originally estimated! It is a win-win situation for you, regardless of what happens.

    Which one of these moving estimates is the best one for your relocation?

    As you might have guessed, you should always go for the not-to-exceed binding estimate. It provides you with the most benefits, after all. However, not all movers will want to offer you such a document. Depending on your area, and your circumstances, there may be few (or a lot) movers that are willing to do so. But it is in your best interest to try and go for it, anyway. It will provide a high degree of certainty to your relocation, which is always welcome. You will be able to plan around the moving costs, which will make the whole relocation experience a lot easier.

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    Always go for a binding not-to-exceed estimate, if you have the chance.

    Find a reliable and professional mover well in advance

    Lastly, we would like to mention that it is in your best interest to find reliable and trustworthy movers well ahead of time. Getting free moving estimates (non-binding ones) is fast and easy but if you plan on asking for several binding estimates, that might take quite a while. That is why you may want to have as much time on your hands as possible. Besides, there are numerous other benefits to finding and booking movers early, such as better deals, higher availability, etc. Therefore, book early and reap all the benefits that come with it!


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