Ways to burglar-proof your home

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    There are many state-of-the-art home security systems. Even so, property crimes are widely spread. Therefore, securing your home is mandatory. However, if North York movers have just moved you to your new home, you would probably more enjoy decorating it than setting up the security measures. But, the security of your home and your family should be your priority. So, we are going to help you. Below we are giving your ways to burglar-proof your home easily and to get back to the fun stuff.

    Lock the windows

    People remember to lock all the doors when they go on vacation or when they go to work. But, in most cases, they forget to lock the windows. Unlocked windows become easy to access for burglars since they can sneak through.

    Burglar-proof your home as soon as possible
    One of the ways to burglar-proof your home is to secure your windows

    So, you should always use locks when you leave home. If you have moved to a new home, small movers Toronto have great advice and how to secure your windows:

    • Reinforce glass
    • Install window or glass break sensors
    • Add window bar

    Update door locks

    Have you changed the door locks after moving services Toronto relocated you to your new home? Or have you been using the same locks the previous owners used? If you are using the old lock, it is high time to update them.  It is very important that you buy new, reliable, and strong locks.

    Also, make sure that you and the people you trust are the only ones who have the keys. Setting up new door locks is a way to burglar-proof your home. They are not as worn out as the old ones are. They will keep the intruders out since it will be more difficult to break into. While placing new locks, remember to fill in any gaps between the door and the frame. When choosing door locks, always opt for a deadbolt or smart locks. Both are excellent options and they will drastically improve your home security.

    Lights in the yard
    Put the lights in your yard and expose everyone who gets near your home

    Light up the yard

    If your yard is poorly lit, then it will be easier for intruders to break into the home, because of the dark. Burglars love houses with poor light and dark corners. They can easily blend in at night and be unnoticed while breaking into your home. If you put the light in your yard, everyone in your yard will be exposed as those driving by. If you don’t want your electricity bill to go through the roof, there are great solutions for lighting up your yard. You can save energy by using motion-activated lights, solar-powered lights, or put outdoor lights on a timer. Either solution will light up your yard just in time to put the intruder in the spotlight.

    Add cameras

    If you are looking for ways to burglar-proof your home, one of the best solutions is to add cameras. To keep an eye on the things outside your home, install mini cameras around your home. Even when you are not at home, some cameras and applications can alert you when something strange is happening in your yard. They will detect any noise or motion, and sent you a warning. Even though you can stop a burglar with just a camera, you can alert the police if you see someone trying to get into your house.

    Get a dog

    Toronto moving crew has one unexpected and interesting tip to burglar-proof your home. Get a dog! If you have been looking for excuses to have a dog, now you have a great reason – home protection! Even if you get a mini Yorkie, the intruders will still stay away from your home. Big or small, every dog barks and alerts the owner that a stranger is in the house. Burglars avoid houses that have dogs, especially large ones like Pitbulls or Huskies. However, if you don’t have a dog, and don’t want one, you can still put a “beware of dog” sign to scare the burglaries.

    Dog on a grass beside a man holdng a grass cutter
    Get a dog and regularly maintain your yard to keep away potential intruders.

    Keep your landscape clean

    You don’t want to create spots for intruders to hide in your yard, so you need to keep the landscape clean and neat. The intruders can easily hide when trees and plants are overgrowing. Therefore, you have to keep your yard clean which will make everything visible. Maintaining the grass and trimming the trees regularly is much like lighting up your yard. Neet and clean landscape will expose the burglars while trying to get into your home.

    Do not forget the garage

    Even though intruders can’t get into your home through the garage, you probably have enough good stuff stored there. The garage is becoming a popular entry point among burglars. So, it would be a smart idea to lock all the doors to the garage, both interior, and exterior. Also, it is important to remember to keep the garage door opener in your home, so no one can grab it out from your car. And, if you are using a security code to open the garage, be careful and keep it in secret. Never enter the security code of your garage in front of neighbors, delivery people, or anyone else.

    It is imperative to burglar-proof your home

    Securing your loved ones and your home is the number one priority. Therefore, if you still haven’t secured your home, it is high time to do it. You need to burglar-proof your home to keep your family and your belongings safe. By getting cameras, locks, outside lights, and dogs you will reduce the chances of being a victim of an intruder.


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