Ways to reward movers for a job well done

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    Relocating on your own is a difficult task. That is why many people decide to hire professional movers. By hiring professional movers, you ensure that the process goes according to plans. More importantly, you allow people with adequate experience to give you a helping hand with your home relocation. Now, most moving companies have a very professional approach. This means that your items will be taken care of in the most professional manner possible. Although we are already paying for these services, sometimes we might feel like there is more that we have to do to express our thankfulness. If so, you might wonder: What is the best way to reward movers for a job they did well? Of course, the first thing that comes to our minds is tipping the movers. However, aside from tipping, there are other ways in which you can express your gratitude.

    How can you reward movers for a job well done?

    Although we are paying moving companies for the job they do, we still feel like that is not enough. This is especially true when a moving company goes out of its way to ensure you have a positive relocation experience. Lucky for us, this is a common occurrence. However, tipping sometimes might feel “weird” to us. Worry not as there are other ways in which you can say thank you to the people helping you move.

    a man and a woman shaking hands as a way to reward movers for a job well done
    Expressing gratitude for the help is always a positive thing you can do to push the morale even higher

    On the other hand, the moving crew helping you are not robots. They are human as well and they can become tired or lose focus. That is why, it is important that you ensure your office movers, for example, do not lose their spirits. Instead, you should take it upon yourself to ensure they are well taken care of as they move your home.

    Tipping as the most popular method of saying thank you

    We are all familiar with tipping. Many people see tipping as a very normal and common way to express gratitude to someone who is helping you. Although we pay them, tipping feels more from the heart and honest. Psychologically speaking, tipping is a form of expressing gratitude and recognition towards the person that provides us with a service. That way, we create a stronger bond with the person doing the job. On the other hand, the tip we give to others serves as an incentive or morale booster. Once given, the tip helps the person helping us achieve maximum efficiency. More importantly, by tipping a person, in this case, helping us move items safely, we are really showing them that we appreciate their efforts. So, you can always resort to tipping as the primary method of showing gratitude.

    Providing a helping hand

    If you do not feel comfortable giving people tips, do not worry, there are other things you can do. For instance, you can provide the moving crew a helping hand. Moreover, you can reward movers for a job they are doing by:

    • Helping them carry the boxes and bags
    • Making sure the pathways are walkable
    • Placing your items closer to the door, making loading much faster
    • Talk the movers into taking a break after a while
    • Let them know that you are available to help with whatever they need
    a man carrying a box as viewed from above
    As the moving crew moves your items you should see if they need a helping hand and make yourself useful to speed things up

    The long-distance movers you hire surely have enough experience to do things themselves. However, this does not mean that they have to. Especially if you will be just sitting around or watching them carry items. Instead, offer them a helping hand. Even if it is a small job that needs to be done, be there for them and they will appreciate it.

    Reward movers for a job well done by offering food or refreshments

    We said it in a paragraph above – the moving crew is not robots. They are humans that have needs like everyone else. Therefore, you should ensure that they have everything they need on a moving day. Furthermore, this should be something everyone should be doing regardless of how they plan on saying thank you to the movers. The day before movers arrives you should go to the store. Buy beverages, snacks, and things for movers to eat. Because they will probably spend a couple of hours helping you move, you should ensure they eat and drink. This is especially a good substitute for giving tips. Mostly because some people feel like giving tips feels impersonal and cheap. Instead, dedicate a table in your home for food, snacks, and beverages the movers can stop by from time to time. That way, you ensure that the morale of the crew remains high.

    Compliment the moving crew to the moving company directly

    If you feel like the moving crew helped you a lot, you can take it a step further. Namely, you can decide to contact the moving company and compliment the moving crew directly to them. Moreover, you can also leave a moving review on the company website. That way, you can compliment the moving crew for the job they were doing and talk about the relocation process in general. In fact, many people resort to leaving a moving review regardless if they did something for the moving crew to express gratitude or not.

    a man smiling while holding a cup of coffee and talking on the phone
    You can either contact the moving company directly or leave a moving review on their website expressing gratitude towards the moving crew

    Leaving a comment like: Out of all the moving companies near me, this moving crew was exceptionally useful. Furthermore, you can go into details about why this moving crew deserves such praises.

    Reward the movers with whatever method you find good

    Ultimately, the way you reward movers for a job well done will depend solely on you and your goodwill. Granted, you can decide not to do anything but pay for the services you got. However, this might not be a good idea. Not that you have to do something, but rather, it would be kind to do so. Expressing gratitude for the help you get is always advisable and you should never shy away from it.


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