What are the moving services that generate additional charges?

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    Do you know those words written in small letters somewhere at the end of almost every contract? And before you sign it, you want to read them for sure, for at least – twice. Because those words contain very important information that could influence your life. We are here to size up those words and to process and go through the main moving services that generate additional charges for you. But let’s go step by step. When you make such a big decision in your life, as moving is, you have to find the best way to do it. There are so many things that you should think of. So hiring the best movers Toronto will help you tremendously.

    Ask for the estimate 

    Once you have the date of your move, we suggest you sit down and make a list of all the details. Then ask for an estimate of your fees. We suggest you contact our Etobicoke movers. Their professionals will help you.  If you have a large house with a basement, attics, and even a garage, they will send an estimator to your doorstep. Feel free to ask them any questions, and as well be sure to find which services will be charged extra.

    couple looking at the boxes - moving services that generate additional charges
    There are moving services that generate additional charges.

    It is always best for you to have a written estimate of your mover’s fees. That way you will have something to refer to.

    Moving services that generate additional charges

    Extra fees are the ones that are later on added to the total moving bill. Since many different things can occur during moving, the firm has the right to charge extra if a client didn’t provide accurate information, or if an unexpected thing happened. We will list some of those services, that would ask for an extra payment.

    Stairway means extra charging

    If your movers will have to climb stairs, they will most probably charge extra for it. The company will calculate extra fees by step or per flight.  An elevator will solve the problem, but just partially. You should make a reservation for an elevator if it’s possible because your movers can charge extra if they have to wait for it.

    Always ask your movers about any additional costs

    Additional fees are charged if you ask your movers to do some extra work, or use special material. For example, it is not the responsibility of your movers to disconnect and reconnect your electrical appliances. But if you want them to take your electrical device to their places and set them up for you, they will count it as a moving service that generates an additional charge.

    You could be a proud owner of a big, bulky item, such as a piano, hot tub, safe, or pool table. Those things are extra heavy and hard to handle, so for sure, they will take some extra care and therefore: some extra fee.

    The same applies to your fragile or really valuable items. They also ask for special care, special packaging, or some extra materials. And everything that is out of the ordinary, will be charged additionally.

    women writing note on a carton box
    Fragile items need some special care.

    Delicate pieces of art or some oddly shaped possessions will be much safer if they are packed. The most comfortable for them is special, custom-made wooden crates or form-fitted cardboard boxes where your beloved items will be safe.


    It could happen that your furniture doesn’t fit through the doors, or maybe your staircases and hallways are narrow. If that is a scenario, your movers will have to set up an additional, rigging system. They usually use the rope-and-pulley system to take your stuff through a window. This service will be charged extra, but not every moving company has the skills and equipment for it. If lowering or hoisting is necessary, you want it to be performed safely, so this is one thing you should check with your movers.

    Using storage means additional charges

    Additional services vary from one company to the next one. So, you need to do your research carefully. All the services you request and all the charges they require must be explicitly set in the paperwork.

    That being said, you have to know that any special services provided by a third-party company will not be included in the standard moving services. Many unpredictable things can happen in the transition. One of them is using storage-in-transit. If unexpected problems arise, you would want your things to be safe, and sometimes, this option is very welcomed.

    Packing and unpacking usually leads to more costs

    Packing is a crucial aspect of moving preparations. It is the most time-consuming task and also, one of the crucial ones. No one wants to risk damaging their cherished possessions during transit. There are a million things to think of when moving, so if you don’t have a lot of time ahead of you, you should think of shifting the responsibility of packing to the moving company of your choice. They will take care of finding all the proper packing and padding materials and complete them quickly and efficiently while being liable for any damage.

    man packing box with scotch tape
    For an additional cost, your movers can do packing and unpacking for you.

    Just the same as packing, unpacking services are available upon your request. A moving company can also unpack the majority of your items in your new home and place them for you. That will help you get around your new environment as soon as possible. Relocating services that generate additional charges for these matters are usually calculated on an hourly basis.

    Ask your moving company about additional costs

    Preparing for a relocation is always challenging. While planning, you can easily skip something important for you. What you need will vary if you are moving a family with kids or your office. For example, if you live in a Toronto area, the best thing you can do is to find local movers Toronto and find the company that answers all your requests. Experienced moving companies have several relocations every single day, so they know much better than you. Their advice will be valuable for all your needs, so you can ask which moving services generate additional charges. After you gather all the information, you can start making your perfect moving plan. We wish you a smooth move.


    Movers Toronto were our movers. They were on time, fast, saved us a lot of money and were very careful and respectful. My wife and I have used a lot of moving companies over the years and believe me, these guys are not only the best value out there, you can trust them.

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