What to do with leftover moving boxes after the relocation

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    Every relocation requires plenty of moving boxes. They are an ideal container to transport your belongings in and a necessary part of every move. You can acquire them from a moving company such as local movers Toronto, or buy them from a store. You can also try visiting local stores and asking for some free boxes. However, after you complete the relocation process and unpack your belongings, you are going to need to figure out what to do with leftover moving boxes. There are multiple options, luckily, and you will definitely be able to utilize one of them to great effect. Obviously, throwing them away is the easiest option at the proverbial table but it is such a waste. Much better to find a use for them. This article will provide you with several solutions on what to do with your boxes.

    Leftover moving boxes – What to do with them?

    Your boxes might start to clutter your home if you don’t find a way to deal with them. Here are some options:

    • Make it simple – keep them!
    • Donate
    • Sell
    • Use leftover moving boxes for other projects
    • Repurpose

    If you don’t find any of these solutions appealing, remember that you can always throw the boxes away. You might need to do that with boxes that are not in good condition, anyway. You can also ask your Etobicoke movers if they have a recipient that will be glad to have them. That way, you can simply leave the boxes in your mover’s hands. But do try to explore all the other options before resorting to throwing your leftover boxes away. They can be really useful, as we will show you shortly!

    leftover moving boxes - clothes
    Repurposing your boxes is always a great idea.

    Make it simple – keep them!

    While this may be really obvious, keeping your boxes might very well be the best idea. They can be useful in the future, as you might need to relocate again. You never know what the future holds, after all, and you might want to keep the boxes for future use. The ideal location for them is a storage unit if you don’t have enough space in your home. You can use them for storage purposes, both in your place and within a storage unit. They can hold some of your items that you’re not currently using. But the chances are that you may not have enough space for all of the boxes so you might want to explore additional options. Keep what you can and read on to see what you can do with the rest.


    Donating your leftover containers is a great way to make someone else happy. You can start with your friends and family members, asking them if they have a need for a box or dozen. Additionally, you may want to get your “feelers” out if someone is asking for last minute movers. Jumping in and saving the day with your leftover boxes can feel really satisfying. Even if you don’t know anyone who might have a use for these boxes, you can always donate them to charity. Moving containers are always in demand, especially free ones. There are loads of charities that will happily take these boxes off your hands. Some of them will even swing by your place and pick them up. But for the most part, you may need to deliver them to a set location.

    Even so, the act of donating is something that makes us better and something we should all do more of.

    woman in the middle of moving boxes
    Donating your boxes is a great way to make someone happy.


    Moving boxes are worth money. You already know that if you’ve purchased them from movers Toronto. You may want to recoup some of your investments by selling them to someone else. Of course, you will not be able to get the full price for them but every little bit helps. Selling your boxes is much more preferable to simply throwing them away, after all. You can utilize online marketplaces to find interested parties, or you can set up a garage/yard sale. Either way, there are always people looking for a good bargain and you should have no trouble selling them off. Of course, that is if you price them accordingly. You can always try to ask price that is similar to the original then slowly lower it as time passes. But that requires you to keep them until a customer arrives.

    Use leftover moving boxes for other projects

    Depending on what type your boxes are (cardboard, plastic, etc) you can use them in a variety of DIY projects. Cardboard is extremely versatile, as is plastic. Granted, it is a lot easier to work with cardboard boxes than it is with plastic ones but they all have their uses. Try to figure out if you can create something unique and useful out of these containers before you decide what to do with them. Every home can be improved with a bit of work and love, after all. Consider them as valuable construction materials and you will soon find a way to utilize them. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity, something we are all capable of. Trust us, it is a great feeling when you create something new with parts that were considered junk.

    man writing algorhytms on a whiteboard
    Try your hand at a DIY home project!


    Lastly, you can repurpose your old boxes into something really useful. The first idea that comes to mind is rope-wrapped storage. Your boxes can become decorative storage elements with a bit of effort. Or they can become stylish if you add a bit of fabric to them. Add a set of wheels to a box and it becomes a rolling toy crate! Or, perhaps you can use them for a cat bed? The possibilities are as varied as your imagination. There is always a great use for your leftover moving boxes if you but take a bit of your time to think about it. With some creativity, they can bring joy to your family for years to come!


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