Where to donate unwanted items after moving to Scarborough

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    If you’re just starting a new chapter in your life in a new home, take up decluttering your house. Over time, people tend to collect a load of items that often end up in boxes, rarely or never being put to use. Lots of kitchen appliances or clothes usually meet this fate. There is some science behind getting rid of clutter and increasing your happiness. Many people donate unwanted goods, after which they report feeling refreshed, organized, and more optimistic.

    The question is, after having selected these undesired things, where do they go next? That’s where your local movers Toronto come in. Moving companies understand your struggle and have extensive knowledge of the many aspects of the moving process. Therefore, let us at Movers Toronto lay out all the ways you can donate unwanted items in Scarborough.

    If you’re a newbie citizen in Scarborough looking to donate unwanted items, here’s the 411

    Kick off your new life in Scarborough by giving away undesired belongings. At first, it might sound intimidating due to your unfamiliarity with the city but put that fear aside. Take a glance at our summary of all the places you can give your possessions away at.

    But first, experience the Scarborough lifestyle

    Firstly, know that you can always count on the state-of-the-art unpacking services of long-distance movers Toronto if the need arises. Besides unpacking, newcomers are all about getting to know their new community. Scarborough is an administrative district of Toronto, Ontario. It’s home to a warm multicultural community that welcomes diversity. In Scarborough, you will come across a bunch of iconic landmarks, including the Scarborough Bluffs on the shore of Lake Ontario, the Toronto Zoo, and a plethora of stunning natural parks. In addition, safety and affordable living costs make it one of the best places to live in Toronto. Although Scarborough isn’t the most walkable suburb, there are many transportation options to choose from, such as a car, bus, subway, or biking.

    Scarborough bluffs beaches surrounded by the waters of Lake Ontario
    Scarborough Bluffs are gorgeous cliff formations extending circa 15 kilometers along the shore of Lake Ontario.

    Donating clothes

    When people want to feel charitable, they most often donate their used clothing items. There are always piles of old pairs of jeans or thick sweaters clogging up your wardrobe. So, why not take the opportunity to free up some space for yourself by helping those who are less fortunate? However, be sure to avoid donating worn-out and ragged clothes. Donation centers don’t accept clothing in very poor condition, since it is no longer of any use to others. You can offer the selected clothing items to the following shops and organizations:

    • Local thrift stores where you can donate unwanted items
    • Goodwill – The non-profit will take in all new clothes, as well as those in fairly good condition.
    • The Salvation Army Thrift Store – This donation center sells donated clothing items, as well as other household goods, for low prices. All the proceeds go to the Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which offer help to people struggling with addiction.
    • Dress for Success – This organization provides work-appropriate clothes for those who can’t otherwise afford them. So, if you have some undesired elegant blazers, shirts, or pants lying around, consider giving them up for charity.
    A woman folding and sorting clothes
    Give your old clothes a second life by offering them to thrift shops and charity organizations.

    Donating furniture

    Furniture is among the undesirable items that people usually give away before or after their move. Movers Scarborough advise their clients to give away their heavy household goods because it makes unpacking less tiresome. With that in mind, here are some of the organizations you should donate your furniture pieces to:

    • Goodwill – Goodwill also accepts furniture, as well as appliances, and other houseware items.
    • Habitat for Humanity Restore – They provide cheaper home renovation solutions to those in need by receiving donations in the form of furniture pieces. Furthermore, if you wish to get rid of bulky household items, they will send someone to pick them up free of charge.
    • Furniture Bank – The charity and social enterprise makes sure that your used furniture goes to poverty-stricken families.

    Donating books

    Any literacy charity will be happy to take over your used books. Books inspire adults and children alike to broaden their knowledge and encourage individual growth. Thus, by giving your old books to charity, you are doing your community a big favor. Just try not to submit run-down books with torn-out pages. Choose among these places to donate your literary possessions:

    • Local libraries – These places will gladly take a gently-used book off of your shoulders.
    • Used book stores – These shops accept well-kept books. In return, they sell them at a very cheap price for people with less money.
    • SFU’s United Way Campaign – You can find the donation box near the Bennett Library in Toronto and drop off your unwanted books. By doing so, you support the cause of this campaign, which is to tackle social issues in communities.

    Since books aren’t thought of as necessities, except for school books, there seem to be fewer places that welcome them. However, that doesn’t have to be an issue. Here’s an additional list of places that collect old books┬áin Toronto.

    Two people packing books in a box labelled with the word books
    You can contribute to your new community by donating your second-hand books at several locations.

    Believe it or not, moving companies can help you donate undesired possessions

    It might not come as a surprise that Toronto moving companies know a good deal about Toronto. So, their experienced employees can clue you in on where to give away undesired items, having helped many clients before to unpack. If you’re still unsure what to do with some of the leftover belongings, go ahead and rent a storage unit. Let the moving company care for your possessions, as you think things over.

    We hope that this guide aided you in realizing your charity project in Scarborough. Movers Toronto strive to support noble causes such as contributing to those less fortunate. Don’t shy away from contacting us in case you have any lingering questions or concerns.


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